Supernatural Recap: "About a Boy"

I never thought I'd be adding Taylor Swift to my "Supernatural" playlist, but here we are. What a funny world we live in. This week's epiesode started as so many do, ina grimmy bar as one of the sad-sack patrons is kicked out onto the street. For a moment, because of his long hair, I thought it was Sam; but it turns out it's a guy named JP (a subtle nod to jared Padlecki, perhaps?) who is promptly jumped by a scary guy, and disappears witha flash of light. Uh oh. Looks like a case for...

...The sad, agsty boys in plaid. Back at the bunker, in a montage to the strains of accoustic guitar, Dean is deep into researching anything to remove the Mark of Cain from his arm. Tattoo removal,  laser scar removal, the bible - it's all coming up with nothing for the elder winchester, who has also fallen hard off his healthy kick from last week. Sam, believing that Dean needs to be out hunting and doing what he does best to function brings Dean the case of the empty clothes and missing person. It takes some prodding but the boys are eventually on the case. The first interview goes pretty well, but the witness has some theories.


After dead ending with homeless guy (who ddtell them he smelled flowers. Dean heads (a bit reluictantly) into the bar and Sam goes to look at JO's place. In the bar Dean throws his recovery out the window and asks for something strong and dark (in the distance, Cas senses his longing). The bartender has nothing good to say about JP, but a wounded looking woman seems to think differently. The woman, Tina, siddles over to Dean and tells him JP wasn't so bad, and before you know it Dean and Tina and drinking and comparing sad stories. It seems though that someone (tht is, creept guy that jumped JP) noticed them. As Tina bids Dean adieu for the night, she's quickly attacked by creepy guy. After a quick update with Sam (who tells him JP's place was like the Devil's butthole) Dean is jumped as well. Bright light and then...Dean awakens, disoriented and locked in a basement. And 14 years old.

With Dean in the basement is Tina, who is locked in an ajoinging room with JP - both are also teens now. Before Dean can even begin to explain what's happening, creepy man lumbers down the stairs and grabs JP to drag him to an unknown fate. Uh oh. On the bright side there's cake! While Sam beats up the bartender to figure out where Dean disappeared to, Dean noshes on the cake that was slipped under the door until Tina remindes him it's probably poisoned. that prompts Dean to search out a way to get out, and he does figure how to jimmy open the window, but not before evil minion man is back and about to take dean away. Tina distracts him with her screams and Dean escapes.

Sam is worriedly researching the flower he found where Dean disappeared, when a knock sounds on the door. Let's say that Sam is a little surprised when he sees that his big brother is suddenly his little. In a scene where Sam makes some of the greatest facial expressions I have ever seen, Dean quickly explains the situation and the need to get back to where he was being held and save Tina. The boys jump in the Impala, and Dean's attempt to pul the seat forward puts Sam in the fetal position, so Sam drives.

As the boys drive, Dean laments his zits, unpredictable boners and (gasp!) enjoyment of Taylor Swift, to his big little bro. There is one good thing though - the Mark of Cain is gone, leaving Dean to consider if it would be better to remain this way. He's not quite as hot on the idea when Sam reminds him he'll be allowed to drink in seven or so years. Once theyreach the house and break into the basement, they're (of course) quickly caught by the creepy man whose name it turns out is Hansel.

Yes, the Hansel of "and Gretel" lore. He was kidnapped by an evil witch years ago and has been her slave ever since she forced him to eat little Gretel's heart. He tells the boys all of this because he of course wants to kill the witch himself now. (She's upstairs chatting with a gagged Tina about how she's going to cook her.) he promises he will give Dean the hex bag around his neck to change Dean back after they kill the witch with the witch-killing molotiv cocktail the boys have ready...

And of course it's a lie, they discover when Hansel brings them upstairs and revealhimself to withcypoo. The witch goes into along monologue about how delicious Americans are, and how she turns adult no one will miss into children to avoid suspicion. And then she reveals she's in America to look into a problem witch for the Grand Coven - Rowena. Before she can give more information, the boys break free and a fight ensues. Sadly, tiny Dean really can't hold his own against giant Hansel. That is until he grabs the hex bag. Withut hesitation he transforms back to himself, then shoves the Witch and her hexbag nto the oven. hansel is taken care of too.

The downside of this 9the upside is seeing adult Dean in his adorable hoodie) is that Tina is stuck as a teen - but she's okay with that. After three failed marriages and a lot of debt, she's happy to strt fresh. the boys drop her off at the bus station and have a moment where Sammy once again reminds his bro that that though the Mark may be back, they will work this out together, like they always do. And Dean actually seems to believe him.

The boys pop into the Impala. Back in the driver's seat Dean flips on the radio to...Taylor Swift. sam grimaces, but with a shrug and a smile, Dean lets it play.

Other Highlights:

Lesley Nicol (Mrs. Patmore of Downton Abbey fame) madea terrifying witch and Dylan everett as teen Dean hit it out of the park, nailing all of Dean's manerisms.

Sam aparently believed in the easter bunny til he was 11 and a half.

Sam being told he has such a polite son.

This line: