The 2012 Dallas WiiLYMPICS was a Super Star Studded Event

The 2012 Dallas WiiLYMPICS* was a virtual Who’s Who of queer geeks. Mainly because we didn’t know each other and kept asking “Who”?

You can play along too! Let’s see…oh, I was thrilled to meet Chris Torres!

Only the creator of the Nyan Cat and an adorable young man who generously introduced me to his creation via key chains and a bumper sticker. He would go on to win 4 WiiLYMPIC Medals.

Robert Stahl was there!

You don’t recognize him because he’s not shirtless serving you a sakitini. Who am I kidding no one orders a sakitini at The Eagle. That’s where you’ll find Robert when he’s not writing for The Examiner. He would go on to win Miss Congeniality.

Daniel Villarreal was on hand to defend his 2008 Harlem WiiLYMPIC Silver Medal in Boxing.
“WHO? WHAT?”**                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

If you don’t know Daniel and his writing, then you don’t know humor. You also don’t know queer politics, farts or awkward honesty. Click here for a taste you’ll savor in your mouth for months.  He would go on to undefend his medal as time did not allow for the Wii Sport Boxing match.

Oh, and our good friend Richard Neal stopped by for a hello and game of Mario Kart.

…really? Richard Neal! You may remember him from such hits as Zeus Comics & Toys in Dallas and “The Variants” on the internet (Episode 9 of Season 3 debuts TODAY!). He would go on to learn that Mario Kart has changed greatly over the years.

At the end of this Who’s Who it was apparent that Geeks OUT and Dallas could be a match made in Hyrule’s Heaven, if only for the chance to meet some very attractive, very talented, and very geeky queer men and women.

And there were so many more then the four mentioned. Thank you to everyone who came out! Start training for the 2016 WiiLYMPICS so you too can be like Mike Maldonado, the most decorated WiiLYMPIAN of 2012. Check out Photos from the Event on the Geeks OUT Facebook Page! Be on the lookout for more Geeks OUT Dallas Events!

You’ll find the complete list of Events and WiiLYMPIC Winners below.

Now, who’s on first?


List of Events & Winners

The Mario Kart 400 Meter 150cc Race
Gold-Chance Ellis
Silver-Mike Maldonado
Bronze-Richard Phillips

Just Dance 2 Synchronized Swimming
Gold-Rueben Gonzales
Silver-Michael Bortnyck
Bronze-Josh Mabray

Wii Sport Tennis
Gold-Mike Maldonado
Silver-Chris Torres
Bronze-Michael Bortnyck

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Judo
Gold-Mike Maldonado
Silver-Chance Ellis
Bronze-Chris Torres

Boom Blox Skeet Shooting
Gold-Chris Torres
Silver-Mike Maldonado
Bronze-Gavin Howell

Mario Kart BMX 100cc Race
Gold-Mike Maldonado
Silver-Chance Ellis
Bronze-Chris Torres

*/** The WiiLYMPICS was created as a fundraiser for Stone Soup Theatre Arts, an Off-Off Broadway Theatre Co that existed in New York City. The WiiLYMPICS now promotes the visibility of gay gaymers for Geeks OUT every 4 years in any city that will have us. 

on October 31, 2012