Why Every Gay Geek Should be Watching "Arrow"

I was leery when I learned the CW was producing a “Green Arrow” Live Action TV Series. As a comicfile (think cinefile) I applaud every attempt to get the characters and stories I love into the mainstream media. Unfortunately, past endeavors have not been as successful as I would have liked. Especially with CW at the helm I feared another bastardized character tediously working out their angst and forced loved stories a la Smallville.

Though I have to say, Arrow has surprised me. Maybe it’s the extremely low bar I set for it or maybe it’s the amazingly cut Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen aka Arrow) and his many shirtless scenes but Arrow has weaseled it’s way onto my DVR list.

Here’s breakdown as to why paired with a little plot synopsize to prep you for Arrow ‘s return this Wednesday January 9, 2013.

Ploy Synopsize – We’ve been introduced to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who’s returned from apparent death (yacht accident that “killed” his girlfriend’s sister he was sleeping with and caused his father to shoot himself so Oliver could survive). For the past 5 years Oliver roamed a mysterious island filled with assassins where he learned how to shoot an arrow by an Asian Obi Wan. Securing a rescue off said island by lighting a signal fire via burning arrow, Oliver arrives home to a very different Starling City. His mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson) has married one of his father’s associates Walter Steele (Colin Salmon). His sister, Thea (Willa Holland) has become an entitled junkie and ex-girlfriend Dinah “Laurel” Lance (Katie Cassidy) and best friend Tommy Merlin (Colin Donnell) have bumped uglies and become “Tomrel” by half season end. Oliver gains a “sidekick” in form of John Diggle (David Ramsey) a bodyguard turned confidant and has a fleeting connection with Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress (Jessica De Gouw).   Oliver has vowed to redeem his father’s legacy by becoming a vigilante that targets a list of names left by his father. They’re a misfit group of wicked politicians and wayward businessmen that have “failed Starling City” garnering a place between Oliver’s crosshairs.  Oliver manages to cross a few names off that list before getting distracted by his first nemesis, a Dark Archer who copycats Oliver’s mission with a bit more ruthlessness. The half season ends with Oliver getting his ass handed to him by this Dark Archer.

ComicFile Kudos-Reasons why the fan boy in me is enjoying the CW’s Arrow

  • DC Cameo’s – 9 Episodes in and Arrow has already given us Deathstroke (I mean the first 5 minutes of the first episode reveal his mask on a pike on the island with an arrow through it), Deadshot (who’s now dead, spoiler), Merlin (aka Dark Archer), Huntress (I squealed like a fan girl when she showed up. I LOVE her!), and China White.
  • DC Nod’s – Oliver’s sister Thea is nicknamed “Speedy” and partakes in the narcotic side of life; which could be a nod to Roy Harper the Speedy from the “Green Arrow” comics who was the first hero in the DC universe to be a drug addict. Felicity Smoak works at Queen Industries and is Walter Steele’s Girl Friday when it comes to all things technical. Could this be Arrow’s version of Oracle? Only if the CW wants to hear me squeal again. 
  • Green Geeks – This show is recycling some fun geek staples from other shows. Kelly Hu plays China White but also voices the character of Jade (an integral character in Green Arrow lore) on Cartoon Networks Young Justice (which if you aren’t watching, you should be flogged). The Queen Mansion is the same mansion used in Smallville as chez Luther.

Homo High 5’s – Reasons why watching Arrow makes me a giddy gay

  • Stephen Amell – Seriously, the boy is ALL man! From parkour to American Ninja style exercises I am smitten. His body is slammin’ and he shows it off. A lot.
  • John Barrowman – The ever sexy out actor from the fan favorite Torchwood is back on TV playing Malcolm Merlin (and possibly the Dark Archer??). Very excited to see more of him!

If you like solid action, surprising on point acting and writing (with occasional dip into melodrama) and hot men definitely check out Arrow who’s spring premier is this Wednesday at 8/7pm Central Time on the CW.