Arrow Episode 12 Review – “Vertigo”

Last week’s Arrow episode was pretty straightforward and it was a nice change of pace. We have the occasional island flashback (which, honestly, has become more entertaining than current day Starling City with Asian Obi Wan turning to the dark side…but wait, it’s all a ruse, now he’s more Asian Yoda to Oliver’s Padawan)

Thea has her day in court to take responsibility of her drug usage and the judge wants to make an example out of her. So big brother Ollie steps in and tries to use his seedy Russian mafia connections to meet the man who’s putting the vertigo drug on the streets

His name is “The Count”  dum dum duuuuuuum. I enjoy this interpretation of DC’s Count Vertigo, especially the back story to how he was christened The Count. Apparently when he first developed the drug he would experiment dosage on random passersby by injecting them with Vertigo in the neck, resembling a vampire bite. Easier to stomach then his Eastern European royalty and we get to talk about vampires which apparently never gets old. Just like them. Bazinga.

Now the portrayal of this Count Vertigo is a different story. As much as I love to see my Fringe Alumni working  now that Fox has bid adieu to the sci-fi series Seth Gabel plays the count like a gay Madhatter.

Seth Gabel

Oliver and The Count meet up but they are interrupted by Starling City’s Finest who, at least in this episode, are earning their keep. Oliver rushes after the escaping Count who pumps him full of Vertigo. Diggle saves the day with the mystical island herb Oliver keeps around Cave Arrow and we get the weekly shirtless scene I, and many other fans, have come to expect. Keep’em coming CW!

Earlier in the episode we’re introduced to Detective McKenna Hall (played by the gorgeous Janina Gavankar) who is clearly there as a potential love interest for Oliver. And isn’t as good of a detective as she thinks as she gives Oliver the Police file they have on the Count and fails to get it back. Where’s the script supervisor on Arrow? Because I’ll gladly fill the role (someone save me from my salon)

Oliver relies on resident tech guru Felicity to shed some light on The Count’s whereabouts and there is a humorous exchange between Diggle and Oliver on his lame ass excuses. I like when they get tongue and cheek because when they don’t it’s just insulting to the audience.

Arrow tracks down the Count with the police hot on both their trails which stops Oliver from killing The Count. Laurel’s Daddy questions his methods and Oliver OD’s The Count on Vertigo.

The Gay Hatter isn’t dead which honestly is unfortunate. Of all the rogues to keep I’m waging my finger at the writers and Gabel for this weak character and their choice to keep him. Hopefully his time in the psych ward will butch him up and he’ll actually become a character worthy of going round 2 with Oliver.

Laurel is now mentoring Thea, Walter is still missing, and Felicity levels the playing field with Oliver when she reveals Walter’s Book of Names. Didn’t see that one coming and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Fun Theory – What if Deathstroke isn’t actually a character and more of a mantle? The toughest Assassin on the island gets the orange and black? What if Oliver taps into the force and actually strikes down the current Deathstroke? What if Oliver becomes Deathstroke and frees Asian Yoda and dismantles the island? Are you reading this Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andre Kreisberg? I seriously need a new job…

on February 6, 2013