Arrow Episode 11 Review - "Trust but Verify"

Reading some other Arrow reviews have me shaking in my boots. Damn, there are some legit people out there taking this show seriously. I need to up my game here…

This episode had some trust issues. After learning that Diggle’s commanding officer in Iraq is on his father’s list, Oliver and Diggle have a pissing contest to see who’s right.

I enjoy their relationship because Diggle could easily just be Oliver’s Jiminy Cricket and just whisper advice or warnings in his ear, but Diggle defies and challenges Oliver on pretty important lofty and important concepts. Wear does that list REALLY come from? A nice mystery set up by the writers that I hope pays off in the end. Is Oliver really doing Malcom and his cabal’s dirty work? That could be interesting.

Diggle’s commanding officer in question is Ted Gaynor a DC Character played by Ben Browder (of Farscape fame who is not aging well). Ted could possibly be wrapped up in a string of armored car robberies. Diggle won’t believe it and Oliver won’t be questioned. I wish they’d just whip them out and let us decide who’s bigger.

I also wish Oliver would trust Diggle a bit more. What is Diggle’s purpose? Not every questionable dealing in Starling City needs to be investigated with your hood and make up Oliver. Even Batman passed over the cowl for a newsies cap and went looking for answers as Matches Malone. You have your very own Matches, Oliver, use him.

The trust issues continue as Malcolm Merlin stirs the pot in two families. First, his own 

Malcolm invites himself out to dinner with Tommy and Laurel under false pretenses. When his actions reveal he needs Tommy’s signature to shut down a clinic advocated by his late mother, Tommy storms out leaving Laurel to stand up to Malcolm. I liked seeing this from Laurel, gives her and her relationship with Tommy a bit more depth. I also like that we’re now mulling over in our minds how and why Tommy’s mom ended up with a bullet in her head. I think Malcolm got what he wanted from this encounter, but what is end game?

Second, the Queen family.

With just a few touches and caresses Malcolm has created a rift between sister Thea and mother Moira. I find this a bit weak but Thea is young (turning 18 this episode. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), very sheltered and is still dealing with the loss of her father and recent loss of her step-father. She concocts some crazy idea that Moira is sleeping with Malcolm. Well, we need a catalyst to send Thea into the arms of Vertigo, a new drug all the cool kids are doing. So achievement unlocked!

Now, how do we wrap up these trust issues CW? With invasion of privacy of course!

During Thea’s 18th birthday party Oliver slips a bug into Diggle’s coat (very un-masterfully which Diggle calls out later, thank god). When Diggle gets into some hot water with Ted (now revealed to be the head of the armored car robberies), Arrow leaps over an 18-wheeler and saves the day.

Unfortunately Ted is now dead. But Thea isn’t! She survived her vertigo trip but will she survive the wrath of Momma Queen when she learns her little muffin top is a junkie?

Tune in tonight!

This week I’m tipping my hat to another DC shoot out! The Blackhawk Squadron referenced by the Blackhawk Securities, the group Ted Gaynor works for.

I’m also pre-wagging my finger at CW as they're hitting up a ton of DC references pretty early on. Their aren’t too many references that will work in a live action TV Show so take it easy or you’ll blow load too early and then try to make some thing like Darkseid work in Starling City. Spoiler-it won’t.


on January 30, 2013