The POWER! Of Comics Geeks OUT Anthology Update!

Geeks OUT received a ton of amazing comic proposals from artist all across the world! POWER! An Anthology of Queer will debut at FLAME CON in spring 2015!  96 pages of comics and pin ups by a wide array of LGBTQ artist. Thank you to everyone who submitted work!

The artists and creators contributing all­ new original work to POWER! include Vernon Bauer (Summer Boys: A Fire Island Tale), Matt Brossart and Bill Zanowitz (Fuzzbelly), Mike Stop Continues and Jackson Eather, Joe Corallo and Sam Johns, Dis (Ladies Night Anthology, Vol. 2), Lewd Alfred Douglas (Baritarian Boy), Adrian Ferbeyre, Bob Ferry (What’s Left), Alvaro Galvan (Zoetropya), Gauthier, Kori Michele Handwerker (Prince of Cats), Beck Kramer (Relativity), Jeff Krell (Jayson), Sam Orchard (Rooster Tails), Jason A. Quest (JAQrabbit Tales), Scott Sosebee (Annabelle Flake Gets Rich), Hugh Tims (The Medievals), Josh Trujillo (Love Machines), Jason Tseng, Will Varner, Stevie Wilson (You’re Doing It Wrong), Justin Winslow, and Alex M. Xael! 

Check out a few samples of artwork below by some of POWERS! creators. More to come as artwork rolls in! 

 Artist Adrian Ferbeyre

Artist Beck Kramer 

Artist Jeff Krell

Artist Justin Winslow

Artist Kori Michele

Artist Sam Orchard

Writer Josh Trujillo

 Artist Gauthier de Boosere

Artist Will Varner

on November 18, 2014