Geeks OUT Presents: POWER COMING IN JUNE 2015

For the past few months I have been working a project that is near and dear to me with Geeks OUT! I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing queer creators to produce Geeks OUT's first publication. An anthology called Geeks OUT Presents: POWER The book contains works by over 25 creators! And this week I am sending it to print! It's been a long trip but I am very happy with the way it looks! Be on the look out for release dates and party information! And be sure to pick up your copy at FLAME CON!


I want to thank our amazing list of contributors, which includes;

Rey ArzenoGauthier de BooseréMatt BrossardMike Stop ContinuesJoe CoralloAbby DensonJackson EatherAdrian Ferbeyre, Bob Ferry, Alvaro Galvan, Lawrence Gullo, Samantha Johns, Allison Kolarik, Beck Kramer, Jeff Krell, Kori Handwerker, Xale, Rex Ogle, Sam Orchard, David Pietrandrea, Jason A. Quest, Ohh Dis, Bill Roundy, Scott Sosebee, Hugh Tims, Jason Tseng, William Varner, Stevie Wilson, Justin Winslow, William Zanowitz, Josh Siegel 

on April 7, 2015