Robo-tea:1cup! Review

Robo-tea:1cup! is a queer robot dating simulation game by Josie Noronha (a.k.a. jo-robo a.k.a. @Robohaven on Twitter). In Robo-tea:1cup!, the player character is a robot named Galine who is a Guard Bot who guards and on-planet Entry Point on her home planet of Verdande. There are multiple routes that can be taken in the game and multiple bots that you can romance. The routes result in different endings depending on the choices that the player makes. All of the characters go by different pronouns. Some examples include the fact that Revek uses they/them pronouns, Cors goes by xe/xir pronouns, and Vals and Nadin uses she/her pronouns. This mix of the pronouns that characters use is important because it allows for representation of pronouns that aren’t heard as often in the media. Seeing gender neutral pronouns in games, movies, TV shows, and other forms of media allows them to become more normalized into a society that is not yet used to them.

The looks of the game are minimalist with pretty colors and calming, yet upbeat, background music. The environments are all unique to one another and provide a great setting to this futuristic love story. The game is created in the Ren’Py visual novel engine, an open-source engine that is free for commercial use that is known for its use of both an easy scripting language and Python to allow for visual novels and life simulators both simple or complex. All of the story routes feel like just the right length and seem to be able to be played in one sitting. You can also save and load at any time, making the game easy to pick up and play.

Josie is currently in the process of making Robot-tea:2ndServing, the sequel to Robo-tea:1cup! Concepts of the bots for the upcoming game can be seen on the development tumblr. There is also a third game planned after that!

To grab a copy of Robo-tea:1cup!, check out the demo here or buy the full game here!

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on November 3, 2016

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