Ask Professor Sex: Electro play, A-OK?

Dear Professor seX,

I have electrical powers and would like to incorporate electro play into my sex life, but I am worried about the risks. How do I know what's safe so I won’t hurt my lover?


Hi Electro,

It may not come as a shock, but there are quite a few risks involved with e-stim play if done incorrectly, but if you follow some general rules and guidelines you can easily explore this electric wonderland of pleasures for yourself and your partner in relative safety.

Electrosex should be avoided if you have a pacemaker (or any other implanted medical device of any kind), are pregnant, have epilepsy, use any EKG monitors or alarms, or have any history of any heart conditions as well as other health conditions. A general rule to follow is "nothing above the waist," but that also depends on what kind of e-stimulation you're using.

There are two main types of e-stimulation out there: Pulse-based simulation that includes Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and Electrostatic stimulation, which is most commonly administered via a neon or violet wand (which is often confused with but is not ultraviolet). Pulse-based stimulation is said to be the safer of the two as both TENS and EMS use electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves and muscles which is something our bodies are already accustomed to. Electrostatic stimulation is exposing our skin to actual shocks from a wand, which can burn the skin if not used properly.

Neither of these methods should be used on the eyes, metal jewelry, on the head nor near the heart. Again, stay below the waist to be safe.

E-stimulation, when done correctly, can bring a whole new sense of pleasure to the user. Depending on the method and intensity used, people describe the sensations as "tingly, tickling and pleasantly warm" as well as a "deep throbbing." It's advised to take things extremely slow and explore to find what feels good to you. A common misconception is that e-stimulation is painful and only done in a BDSM setting. While it can be used in such a setting, e-stimulation can be all about pleasure with no pain involved. Just like some people enjoy some sensations and not others, the same will go for e-stimulation.

My best advice? Proceed with caution! You may find your newest sexual adventure or decide it's not for you. Read as much as you can so you're well equipped with the knowledge of the proper ways to use e-stimulation.

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