A Vicious Visit to The New York Times

Kicking off Pride weekend, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni spoke with Grand Marshalls-to-be Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. The pair of iconic actors spent an hour reflecting on their roles, living as gay men in Thatcher's England, and what the changing LGBTQ landscape means for the future of entertainment.


On being in gay in the 80s:

"I can't really believe that until the age of 49 I was happy living (partially) in the closet... We didn't even have a word for ourselves. We didn't exist."

On marriage equality:

"I thought the argument to keep marriage as it was was a bit of a dodgy one."


On the OBE ceremony:

"When I was knighted, it took forever. She [The Queen] does about 200 in a throw, you know."

On acting:

"As actors, we are a raw nerve, never growing up, and rightly so. We have one foot in the cradle."


Vicious season two premieres August 23 on PBS. If you can't wait that long, enjoy a mini-celebration with Ian & Derek below:

on June 27, 2015

Nicole Gitau is a bisexual (!)... pansexual (!)... queer (!) woman of color and the President of Geeks OUT