Lie back and think of England('s historical persons)

Things I am a sucker for: strong women who stand in the face of adversity, period costumes, and that chick who only sometimes makes eye contact from across the bar. I am, it appears, not the only one.

In "The Okay List", writer/performer/girls-who-paid-attention-in-class Sarah Pappalardo and Heather Pieske imagine what it would be like to seduce gays from days gone by. Shagging attempts yield mixed results with the horny/ornery notables, but I'm calling the first two episodes a total success.

So, with only two episodes out, and some time before we get the next, I guess I'll spend some time working on my own "Okay List" (hint: Claude Cahun, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Marlene Dietrich...). Who's on yours?

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You like drinks? 


I'm laughing so hard.


Get it, geek girls!

Bow chicka wow wow

Hurrah! Can't wait!

on January 15, 2013