I Prefer Pink: Katee Sackhoff wins the POWER/RANGERS Fan Film

When I think fan made trailers, I think camcorder-ed back yard LARPing. I DO NOT think 15 minutes of Michael Bays-esque cinemative achievement with a post-production budget to match. I am changing that assumption now.

Joseph Kahn, director of 2004's Torque, and Britney's Greatest Hits (!), brings it in this short where he's reimagined the Power Rangers not as a jolly band of high school heroes, but as a ruined brigade of child soldiers. Katee Sackhoff, star of Battlestar Galactica, Oculus, and my dreams, is featured as the Pink Ranger - the last warrior standing after ordinary, not intergalactic, forces have ended the lives of her former crew. There's plenty of battery, blood, and blasphemy: perfect for nostalgic parents, not so much for the primary school set. Which is fine, because that other blast from the 90s past, James Van Der Beek, would be lost on the kiddies, too.

My favorite part, Kahn has no intention of dragging this out. He says, "The irony here is that I wouldn't even want to make "Power Rangers: The Movie' for real. Like if I had to make a 'Power Rangers' movie, this is it. It's 14 minutes long and it's violent and this is what I have in me. If they offered me the 200 million version, the PG-13 version, I literally wouldn't do it. It's just not interesting to me."

At a time where every movie's an instant trilology, and every literary trilogy swells into a four picture deal, it's refreshing to find someone into taking an idea, making something cool, and leaving it at that. Ladies and gentlement, Joseph Kahn is not looking for dead horses to beat. Hallelujah!

Check it out:

It's just, so... BEAUTIFUL!


on February 24, 2015

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