Completely Crushable: Coco’s Nerd Loves

Ok, admittedly, my number two nerd love is... not much of a nerd at all. She was a team leader for the preppiest sport ever organized (Coxswain. Heh, coxswain.) and rode a vintage motorcycle (my heart: VROOM!). But this dweebette (ahem, me) spent most of the summer of 2000 daydreaming shared picnics and bookclubs, so Young Americans’ Ms. Jake Pratt makes the cut.








  • Jacqueline Pratt wants to scandalize her mother’s bourgeois sensibilities without sacrificing a hoity-toity education. The solution? Putting everything at stake to pass as “Jake” and matriculate at fancy pants Rawley Academy. And I thought I cared about book learning.








  • As a Dawson’s Creek spinoff, Jake’s cynicism & witticisms made her both the Pacey (le sigh) and the Joey (high five!) of the Young Americans’ crew.



  • She taught me everything I ever needed to know about binders.



  • Hamilton’s (Rawley BMOC, eternal pretty boy Ian Sommerhalder) confusion over Jake’s feminine mystique was dwarfed only by my confusion over who I swooned for more. (a girlish boy? a boyish girl? i... both... what does this mean?)



  •                     Jake, then                                                           Shane, now                          

                         2/3s of lady gays in my generation owe their “AHA!” moment to Kate Moennig.










 (Dap. Per.)


  • Watch the whole (poorly synced) series on Youtube, if you don't believe me.

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on February 22, 2013

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