Top 5 Reasons I'm Geeking Out About 2013

So, I really liked 2012. The Avengers came out, Northstar got gay married, Mists of Pandaria happened, and Legend of Korra was AMAZING. Here's a look at what I'm excited about looking forward the year after the Mayan apocalypse.


1. Pacific Rim


Goddamn Motherf***in' giant robots fighting goddamn motherf***in' giant monsters by goddamn motherf***in' Guillermo del Toro. Watch the trailer, there's a for real, actual, totally realist, goddamn motherf***in rocket punch . Enough said.


2. The End of The Tragedy That Is The Akira Live Action Movie

I used to fanboy out on Hollywood remakes of my childhood cult classics. Then I saw Dragonball. And Avatar. And the Legend of Chun-li.

The Akira live action movie looks to be going in the same direction. For those of you not familiar, Akira is one of the, if not THE, seminal 1980's anime movie that served to bridge the gap between American and Japanese animated film audiences and creators. It follows the story of a group of bōsōzoku biker gang in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic neo-Tokyo plagued with juntas and end-of-the-world cults. One of the characters, after some military experimentation develops super powers and just goes postal all over the city. Chronicle's ending draws very heavily from this. It's a beautifully animated and emotionally engaging film that touches on tropes of military experimenation, the frailty of mankind, and brotherhood. See it, if you haven't.

The live action movie, on the other hand, for lack of a better is one of those Will It Play In Peoria rewrites that panders to what Hollywood thinks is the lowest common denominator of the American audience. The rewrite is set in post-armageddon New York and the characters are white. George Takei has pointed out that this is a racist mongrelization of the original work, and is probably the worst thing Warner Brothers could possibly do. Ever.

The film has been halted and restarted several times, due to licensing and contract issues. As of January 2012, production had been halted for the fourth time. Let's hope to see this monster permanently put down in 2013.


3. Shadowrun Returns

So, Shadowrun is probably the most amazing tabletop RPG I've ever played. It's a Twenty Minutes In the Future where the Mayan apocalypse happened, but not in the way anyone thought it would. In game, after 2012, magic came back, but technology kept progressing. Fast forward, in our time and game time, now the game is four editions in, the world of Shadowrun is set in the 2070s, and life is a mess. The Shadowrun world is a mess of multinational feudal corporations warring over a balkanized world, run by megacorps, yakuza, triads, and, yes, dragons. One of them was even president of the United States for a while.

The sky is the limit in this game. You can be anything from a Canadian dwarf urban shaman from Seattle or an elven cyborg with extendable wrist blades and a shoulder mounted canon from Mexico-turned-the-resurrected-Aztec-empire-which-is-also-the-world's-biggest-corporation-and-there's-blood-magic-and-its-scary. It's like Rifts, but the rules make sense.

The company that originally created Rifts has gone through several transformations over the years, and after several buyouts, some corporate malfeasence, and a CEO who absconded embezzling a significant portion of the companies money, the intellectual property of the game wound up back in the hands of the original creators last year. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign, the creators of the game have been putting together the definitive cross platform game. It comes out in 2013, and I'm so excited I can barely handle myself.


4. Everything Game of Thrones, or A Song of Ice and Fire for Purists

George R. R. Martin has promised us more teaser chapters for The Winds of Winter, like the Theon chapter which you can read here.

Also, SEASON 3 PREMIERS IN MARCH AND I DON'T KNOW HOW I'M GOING TO GET ANYTHING DONE UNTIL THEN. Ahem. Sorry. You can see some of the new casting choices for people they've cast for characters like the Tyrells and Mance Rayder here. It's like the gang will all finally be together killing each other all over again. *Sigh*


5. What The Next Big Meme Will Be

2012 was a banner year for memes, and you can see some of my favorites here. Who knows what will come next? I definitelty didn't see planking coming, so you probably shouldn't ask me.

on December 28, 2012