5 Webcomics To Cuddle Up With Until It Gets Warm


1. Gunnerkrigg Court


Gunnerkrigg Court, written and illiustrated by Tom Siddell, is an amazing science fiction/urban fantasy mashup set in at the titular Gunnerkrigg Court, a high tech city squirrelled away in the modern English country side. The story follows the misadventures of Antimony Carver during her first year attending school there. Siddell has been publishing Gunnerkrigg three times a week for years now, and during that time Antimony and her gang of misfits have met everything from demiurges to robotic cows.

 The art is amazing and the tone is fantastic, its dark and urban but with a certain levity to the characters as well as youthful hope. It’s like what reading about what would have happened if John Constantine went to Hogwarts.

To date, he’s published over fourty chapters, each clocking in at around twenty or more pages. If you started reading this now, you wouldn’t be done until at least March.


2. Darths & Droids



“What if Star Wars as we kniw it didn’t exist, but instead the plot of the movies was being made up on the spot by players of a tabletop game?

Well for one, the results might actually make a lot of sense from an out-of-story point of view…”

So began a fantastic experiment in rewriting Star Wars. Originated by David Morgan-Mar and the Comic Irregulars, this series plays out the exact way you would think it would by reading the above panel.

It’s hilarious, and the authors have scripted Episodes I through IV. Check it out.

Protip: The authors did the same thing with Lord of the Rings.

Sam: “I’m not a hobbit, I’m a halfling. It says so right on my character sheet.”

Frodo: “It also says you rolled a five for intelligence. Halflings and hobbits are the same thing.”



3. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal




Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a terrific high-brow/low-brow in the vein of XKCD. The author is a seriously smart guy that can joke about every from abstract math:

Georg Cantor: “They’re called transfinites.”

Victorian Science Douche #1: “Tranfinite? Is that the gay version of infinity?”

Victorian Science Douche #2: “BURN!”

to economics:

Grumpy Old Guy #1: “Hey you know how we sit around every night growsing about the way nobody agrees with us about how society works. “

Grumpy Old Guy #2: “Yep.”

Grumpy Old Guy #1: “What if we mathematized that?”

4. VG Cats




VG Cats, or Videogame cats is an awesome webcomic that unfortunately doesn’t get updated enough because of all of the other really cool stuff the author works on. Despite this, every comic is a one shot dealing with some random video game.

Go ahead.

Take a look at the archive.

Yeah, that’s right, they’re all organized by the games they reference. Final Fantasy.  Halo. Fallout 3. Assassin’s Creed. Zelda. Katamari Damacy. Megaman. Portal. Pokemon. Everything. Try not to click something.


5. Guilded Age



Guilded Age has become my favorite webcomic in 2012. It’s got adventure. It’s got humor. Hell, it has land sharks. The story follows a haphazard band of adventurers, who blunder from quest to quest, in the hopes of saving their homelands from a bloody war. Or are they?

You should read it to find it out. Start at the beginning. It’s worth it.


on January 7, 2013