"Wandering Oaken" of Frozen Heading to Disney World Without His Gay Family


The first same-sex, Disney animated family will not welcome tourists into a Frozen wonderland in Disney World. A recent preview of an upcoming Frozen themed attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios clarified that the family of would-be gay icon Oaken, proprietor of Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, is not his partner and children, rather his “cousins.” .

In the film, Oaken cheerfully says “Hey family” and the scene cuts to a sauna with a hunky blond surrounded by four kids. Viewers assumed this to be his immediate family. Jennifer Lee, the film's director neither confirmed or denied the speculation. However, the preview mentioned 3 times that it will be his cousins, not his husband and kids, that will accompany the burly, mountain man in his winter oasis.

Is it a sterilizing retcon for tourists? Did the interweb jump to conclusions?  Maybe the cousins will be new characters and his hubby will have stayed home with the kids in their sauna (and that will all be clarified in the attraction). 

on June 27, 2014