Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

     Anyone else think Magneto is kind of hot? He’s the type of stone cold silver fox who possesses a caustic wit that only a gay man can appreciate. If you have a thing for confidence, power and a bangin torso (click to see), Magneto fits the bill. Sure, he is technically a bad guy, but that’s just adds to the appeal, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder what he’d be like under the sheets.

     If you or anyone you know has ever felt this way about characters like Magneto, check out The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy to help you scratch your itch. It’s all about Kyle, a closeted superhero who goes by the name of Red Hot. He is a member of a team of superheroes known as the Young Protectors. Understandably, he also has red hair. GINGERS UNITE! That said, he’s just your typical seventeen year old kid with the ability to control flame, until he meets the oh-so-attractive Duncan, a.k.a. The Annihilator. This is a classic boy meets well endowed older man who just so happens to be a sinister supervillain. So far there hasn’t been much in the way of crime-fighting action, but they have made up for it with some make out action in some steamy panels with costumes that frame select parts of the anatomy.

     As it stands now, Duncan is where it’s at in this story. Kyle is the main character, but he’s also a bit of a blank canvas. Then again, I’ve never met a seventeen year old with much intellectual meat on his bones, so the choice might be an intentional one. It bears repeating, Duncan is where it’s at. He’s a mysterious and good looking charmer. When Kyle asks him how he came to terms being gay, he says, “I became the most powerful and feared supervillain on the planet. After, ‘the gay thing’ really didn’t seem to matter so much.”

     It needs to be said that I REALLY didn’t want to like a this fifty-eight year old man getting all up on a seventeen year old. My brother is seventeen and I could easily go on a diatribe about taking advantage of younger men and a gay obsession with youth, but I won’t. Why? Because the age of consent is seventeen in a bunch of states (sixteen where I live). More importantly, I liked Duncan despite all that stuff. It is also a little exciting to think that maybe this bad guy has some evil plot up his sleeve and that seducing a young superhero is part of the master plan. We can only hope!

     During the latest panels, these two characters have reached their first date. Sometimes we forget what a powerful influence that first guy can be and this comic is a good reminder. Imagine the influence the first experiences for many of us had and now put it in the hands of an intelligent superpowered bad guy. Those of us whose first significant others just so happened to already deserve the title ‘supervillains’ or ‘begotten of the dark lord Satan’, will connect with Kyle on this front.

     Final word, I give a thumbs up to The Young Protectors. If you like gay superheros or Yaoi, this might be the comic for you. I myself will be checking back every Saturday when they release new pages.

 p.s. They already have a fan art section section.
on November 26, 2012