Jazu the Wanderer

     Okay guys, here's the scoop. Jason Headley is working on a new project called Jazu the Wanderer. The plot? Cute 12 year old alien boy arrives on Earth after his people have been attacked. Now I know that some of you out there have felt like you were unceremoniously dropped on this planet to make sense of your surroundings too. If so, jump on over to the Kickstarter for Jazu and help get this little alien boy on his feet. There are six days left to contribute (and there is swag if you donate over a certain price).  

     Now in case you don't know who Jason is. He is the writer of The Class, a webcomic about some teens with superpowers. Important note: one of those teens is an attractive gay. That in and of itself should be enticing to some of you, but there is more to The Class for those who want something more substatial. This comic is starting to tackle some interesting issues like Jason Winters (the attractive gay) learning how to deal with the death of his last boyfriend. If you haven't seen this comic yet, give it a peak. 

      If you need anymore motivation to check out The Class or support Jason's new project Jazu the Wanderer, remember that Jason is also responsible for bringing us panels like the one below. *grin* 


on January 13, 2013