With only a few games available on the Xbox One so far, Dead Rising 3 rises to the top of the pile. It exists as a sort of cross between GTA and Dead Island, but with a selection of weaponry that makes the game worth while. Having come a long way since it's inception, Capcom has lovingly camped up this series with a slew of ridiculous weapons that you scavenge and build. Take for instance an Electrostaff, which you make from a broken streetlight, that shoots lightning and fire, etc. The list goes on.   

By far the best part of the game for many out there is the clothing. Although the selection isn't as splendiferous as the weaponry, it can be one of the most entertaining facets of the game. Many a gaymer rage has started over a limited selection of customizable costumes, particularly when those costumes conform to heteronormative (i.e. boring) conceptions of gender (we're looking at you Xbox Avatars!). Dead Rising 3 let's you have your dress and wear it too. You can strap on your go-go boots, put on your nice dress and still throw down with a zombie.    

One of the only bad thing that can be said for the game is that it didn't have a playable female character upon release. Capcom has read our minds though and less than a few months after the game became available they've released a DLC with "Fallen Angel". That's right, after seven years of sausage festing Dead Rising games, they've given us a female playable and she looks pretty badass.

The price tag can get to be a bit much when you start including all the DLC's, so play the game and see how you feel first. It's worth the look.  

on February 18, 2014