Abel Boddy

     Okay GeeksOut followers, it’s time for another review! This week, try out Abel Boddy! What is that, you ask? Well for those who don’t know, it’s a webcomic. Better still, it’s a good webcomic!

     Abel Boddy follows the life of a somewhat average gay guy Howard and his tall, hunky, southern, somewhat slutty, GINGER BEEFCAKE of a guardian angel, Abel. In case you didn’t know this already...I am a proud, card-carrying ginger who loves his people...and a little muscle. So this comic had me at ginger beef. I like to imagine that if Abel were real, he would look something like Seth Fornea.

     Fear not! You don't have to join in the ginger love to enjoy this comic. It’s not all beefcake either. In fact, usually it is quite the opposite. Howard is the focus. He is an “average guy” type who like many of the gay men I know, doesn’t necessarily buy into the whole life is a sex filled cruise ship mentality, despite his lusty guardian angel's best efforts. 

     Howard tends to actively resist most of Abel’s advice (both good and bad), which is what makes this comic so great. C. Edwards is good at poking fun at the gays while still remaining light hearted. His observations are witty and often easy to agree with. Abel Boddy humorously explores a guy who has spent a good amount of time on the fringe of gay society. Many of us know what that is like. If you are like me, it took time to come to terms with yourself and just when you finally felt like you were getting somwhere, you learned that there are other these other pesky gay men you have to learn to come to terms with as well. 

     As an example, one of my favorite characters is Kurt. He’s the oh-so-attractive, unattainable acerbic jerk who makes a few cameos here and there. I know a Kurt, I bet many of us do. This strip has become my favorite mental images whenever I see a Kurt-like character out on the town.

 photo 2_zpse74df7e4.png photo 3_zps762d70ca.png     So if that yourself interested check out the website and if you’re REALLY interested, you should start from the beginning. C. Edwards, the creator just released "Longtime Companion" and "Low Hanging Fruit". If you like Abel Boddy and want to support a comic that is putting good stuff out there, feel free to buy and devour the first 500 stips contained in these handy compilations!  

on February 10, 2013