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Dax ExclamationPoint describes herself as a "road warrior, glitter punk, superhero, assassin, kind of." But there's more to her than her talent for compelling descriptions. A contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 on Logo TV, this gorgeous queen serves Deep South realness and luscious cosplay in equal measure. On Friday, March 18, she will be performing as part of the All Geeks Unofficial C2E2 After Party at Metro. All Geeks is an all-inclusive cosplay party that combines variety shows with photo ops, costume contests, prizes, and dancing. Every month, the variety show features drag, burlesque, and other acts, all dressed in character to bring a theme to life. This month, the entire rainbow comes alive for the biggest All Geeks show yet, happening in conjunction with C2E2.

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Aria Baci: Which came first for you as a performer, drag or cosplay?

Dax ExclamationPoint: Technically drag. I've always been a huge nerd and essentially started drag to be more like Storm or Catwoman. When I first started out a lot of my looks were very inspired by Paul Smith's mohawk Storm.

How did you know that it was time for you to get up on stage? 

I was go-go dancing at the local gay club here in Savannah, Club One, when I was—god... maybe like 21? On an off night, my friends and I came out to watch their Sunday night amateur competition. The host came up to me in a panic because no one had shown up to enter the contest and their established guest performer had car trouble and couldn't make it. She convinced me to let her put me in drag and perform a number as opposed to just canceling the show. I had a great time and people seemed to love it even though it was a totally last minute plan. It was the first time I'd ever done like "legitimate" (albeit terrible) drag.

When you first started performing, did you ever dare to dream (and yes, I just said "dare to dream") that you would someday walk onto the set of RuPaul's Drag Race? Was Drag Race even being produced at that time?

When I first started performing there was no Drag Race so it wasn't even half a thought. When season 1 aired, I didn't even know about it till maybe halfway through the season. By season 2, I was living in Texas and already applying for the show!

And here you are! Even considering that the only (or at least, the best) televised drag competition in the world is produced and hosted by a certain African-American queen, has being a person of color presented any challenges for you as a performer?

Not personally, no. I mean, if it did, I was too preoccupied to notice it. I'm more likely to assume a person is just a douchebag than a racist, and then I generally move on without giving it any more thought.

One of your most immediately recognizable looks is Storm from X-Men. What is it about the character Ororo Munroe—the daughter of an African princess (who herself descended from a long line of African witch-priestesses) and an American photojournalist, who is worshipped as a goddess before being recruited by Professor X for the X-Men—that appeals to you personally?

I'm so glad you asked this question. The thing about Storm I love so much is that she's a composed, confident, powerful leader. She keeps herself together at all times because if she doesn't, people could literally die. She's able to make tough choices and still be a kind, giving, fun loving person. She doesn't brag because she doesn't need to. She's arguably one of the most powerful mutants in the world and able to handle being pulled in multiple directions at once. She's an X-man, a queen, an Avenger, an ambassador, and very highly regarded by everyone around her. She doesn't let her personal demons stop her from doing her job. Aaaand not to mention she's got perfect hair and legs that just won't quit. She's literally everything I've ever aspired to be.

Celestial Storm by Elizabeth Raley Osterberger


So being a queer geek has clearly informed your drag. But how much has drag culture stimulated your passion for geek culture?

HAHA! Let's be real, most super heroines ARE drag queens. Medusa's hair, Emma Frost's wardrobe, Disco Dazzler...DRAG QUEENS. I live for it. And I'm living for how costume designs are getting more complex as drag becomes more recognizable and "mainstream." The two are connected, it's so obvious.

As the former drag mother of Violet Chachki, we can assume you've had many a kiki with many a fabulous queen, but if you could have a kiki with any fictional character, who would it be?

HAHA! DEFINITELY Catwoman. I'd love to be her sidekick. Or maybe even be a super hipster and hang out with Batgirl of Burnside. I feel like we could go clubbing together and then fight some muggers and then stop for sushi at 4AM.

Girl, that is so nerdy. And indeed, you aspire to be known as the queen of nerds—a truly noble pursuit. What's on your mood board for your hair, make-up, and costume design for your coronation as Queen of All Nerds?

Stormbringer. Storm goddess of thunder. I want to be covered in armor and scales with the wings of a bird on my head. Something VERY Asgardian. Mounted atop a six-legged horse, while wielding a fist full of thunderbolts.

And who might proclaim you queen? Is there anyone you look to as kingly or queenly enough to grant you such a title?

HAHA! Real or fictional? Cuz my mind immediately goes to all the times Storm was proposed to by kings—whether they were self appointed or not—or the times a tribe of people simply just decided that she was Queen. Like the Morlocks, or T'Challa, or even Doctor Doom.

Your nerdiness is expansive, because a scroll through your Instagram feed reveals that you also appreciate the strange and beautiful art of dolls! Can we talk about what has been happening with Barbie lately, or should we just focus on everything that Monster High is getting right?

You know I've always LOVED Barbie. But I never found a Barbie doll that I really related to until Monster High. Draculaura is my favorite mostly because I'm kicking myself for not thinking of that name first! UGH. I remember when they first came out, I scrambled to buy up everything I could because I knew it wasn't going to last. I can not believe we live in a world now where little girls are loving adorable fashion-forward monsters. It's so surreal and I absolutely LOVE it.

But wait. Who is Typhoonicorn?

HAHA! I am the Typhoonicorn! Beyond that, I still don't know what "Typhoonicorn" even means. It was a word that just fell out of my mouth one day and it seemed fitting. Generally every time I stay with friends in Atlanta, they all know not to stress about how much of a mess their houses become, because: #Typhoonicorn.

We know you have weather to manipulate and audiences to slay, but we have one last question: How amazing are you going to be?

As amazing as the editors let me!


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on March 14, 2016

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