Are you watching Variants?


Sometimes, when you are part of a gay organization like Geeks OUT you get an email asking you to look into something. A couple weeks ago, a link to the The Variants passed across my desk. I immediately sent an email to find out if it was gay (because I am lazy, and don't do my own research).

Well, the show takes place at Zeus Comics in Dallas, TX. Zeus is a proud LGBT business. Its owner Richard Neal thought all the crazy stuff he experienced as a retailer would be great material for a web series. I think pretty much anyone who has ever in retail can appreciate bazaar customer behavior and even more bazaar customer service. 
While we aren't a gay-themed show per se, the writing is centered around the lives of gay characters and their friends. So that let's the writing have fun including gay-themed comedy while being inclusive at the same time.
After that, I preceded to watch the show. Once you get passed it's  back-yard-movie feel it's got a lot of jokes and more gay characters than you can shake a stick at.
My only qualm? Not enough shirtless make-outs.
After the break, check out the first episode:
Seriously though, look at these guns:

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on June 9, 2011

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