Webcomics You Want to Be Reading: Briar Hollow

Australian pop duo Savage Garden once sang, "I knew I loved you before I met you" and we here at GeeksOut want to tell you about the webcomics that you love, even if you haven't started reading them yet.


This installment's feature: Briar Hollow!


(Duplication of effort is never an efficient choice, so, full disclosure, I've edited a write up of Briar Hollow that the author passed along to us. And that is good for you because he inserted teasers that I did not know!!)


Briar Hollow is a comic for nerds and outsiders of every shade and sexuality and it's been running for close to three years. It's everyman is Molly, a self-proclaimed nerd/gamer/comic book collector/artist/YOU. The narrative begins on the eve of her attempt to leave all things nerdy behind her, and, so far, follows her through the first week of this ill-advised attempt at self-revisionism.


The gay element comes into play because she has a crush on he cute-as guildmate, Chase, and Chase's little brother, Benny has a big secret: he likes dudes! He's cute, nerdy, a little angry at the world/Molly (this is important for his character arc and totes endearing), and a future bara wet dream!

The next volume (volume one is ending with the next issue) is set to feature Benny and his relationship with Molly more prominently. (Editor's Note: Score!) Plus, another one of the main six cast members is also gay, but has yet to be outed to the audience. This person's sexuality will come into play in a big way in the second volume, so now is the perfect time to jump on board! (Editor's Note: Double score!)


So, if not Molly, Chase, or Benny, who are the suspects for second queer? Well there's Sam, Molly's cousin who is majoring in both fashion and insecurity; Greg, a kind and soft spoken Latino who is friends with everyone but dating no one; and Cole, Benny's best friend who is the biggest gamer and best ninja of the group and otherwise a bit of a mystery... Who do you think/wish the closeted cast member is?


Before loosing you to go devour Briar Hollows, I have to spotlight the author, Terry Blas. He's a Portland-based comic book artist, cartoonist, podcaster, and Teen Wolf clairvoyant who works for Periscope Studio, the largest concentration of independent comic book artists in the country! He's also a Mexican/Idaho-ian ex-Mormon who, trivia buffs will enjoy noting, did his mission work in the Orlando of mission assignments for closeted Elders, NYC! That's right, this is the second book you New Yorkers will be getting handed from Terry!


About his comic, Terry has this to say:

I wanted a multi-ethnic and sexually diverse cast because my world is filled with people of different races, ethnic background and sexual preferences, so for me to have a series where everyone is straight and white, that's a weird fantasy world I don't care to explore.


I'm super happy to get to a point where the audience knows about Benny. He's a cute, chubby, adorable young gamer and comic book reader who is passionate about things he loves. He just needs a little help in being passionate in who he is.


D'awww! Too cute! Unfortunately for all you star-chasers out there, Terry is off the market: he's engaged to his partner! DOUBLE D'AWWWWWW!!!!!


Okay, now go read!


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on August 18, 2013