Scarlet Betch: SuperQueeros! for October 24th, 2012


 on Tue, October 23, 2012

Happy birthday, Anthony!

I haven't heard of Husbands before. Is this a spin-off of something? I'll definitely check it out!

Just read the JL Dark crossover with I, Vampire. Wow! I'm hooked!

I'm so glad I stopped by the Geeks Out booth at NYCC. I only wish I lived closer to NYC. It's so encouraging  knowing there are other gay geeks out there!

in response to Speedster_Dave
 on Wed, October 24, 2012

Husbands is Jane Espenson's (Buffy, Battlestar, Caprica, Once Upon A Time, etc.) and Cheeks' (youtube) web series about a gay odd couple and it is my fav:

Thanks for the well wishes too, btw! I'm glad you were able to be in NYC to find us! :D

 on Thu, October 25, 2012

Thanks, I'll check it out!

I'd like to start doing some reviews of comics, but don't want to step on your toes since you already have a bit of a corner in the comic space.  I'm more of a DC guy, and it seems you stick to writing about comics with a strong LGBT interest. Other than Earth 2, are there any comics I should avoid writing about?  I was going to write a review of Saga Volume 1 from Image this weekend.

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