Westworld Season Finale Recap: The Bicameral Mind

In the "Bicameral Mind," we see the creation of Dolores in a flashback. Back in the present she's shaving the man in black. She keeps flashing back and seeing Arnold. In the church, she flashes back again. "I know where your maze ends." She walks to the graveyard. "It ends in a place I’ve never been. With a thing I'll never do." She digs up the actual maze, flashing back. Arnold tells her that consciousness isn’t a pyramid, it’s a maze. He has been wanting Dolores to hear her own voice instead of her own. He didn’t want Arnold to open the park because he feels that hosts were real. Arnold told her that if she proved that she’s conscious they would have to set her free. Arnold wanted her to to kill all of the hosts so the park couldn't open. To help him destroy the place.

She flashes back to see Teddy killing all of the hosts. The man in a black is the worst. "William will find me." We find out that the man in black is indeed our good ol' "nice guy" William. If you weren't convinced of the dual time frame you have to be now. "I'm not crying for myself, I'm crying for you." When all of the humans are all old and dead the hosts will still be alive. We see a flashback of William dragging Logan around to find Dolores. He finds Lawrence to help him search for her. William in his crazed rage ambiguously sends Logan off to the end of the park tied to a horse naked.

Dolores starts kicking the shit out of him and drags him to the front of the church to kick his ass some more, knocking the gun out his hand. She has the gun to his head, he stabs her. Teddy comes in and knocks out William and takes her to where the mountains meet the sea. They get to the ocean. Her dying words, "The beautiful trap inside of us, because it is us." We're transported to Ford's new narrative "Journey into night."

Maeve wakes up in the lab. She changes the security system and her friends. Hector and Armistice wake up, biting off a guys finger and killing the other one. They get Sylvester to tell them that an Arnold made it possible for Maeve to wake herself up. They go to the basement and see the old Clementine and Bernard on the ground. She gets Felix to fix Bernard. "This is sweet hereafter Bern." He tells Maeve it's not the first time she's realized herself before. She wants Bernard to remove the memories of her daughter, but it would destroy her. "How can you learn from your mistakes if you can't remember them." Bernard tells her that her story line was altered to give her a new one. To recruit and escape.

The power goes out and security is on lock down, no one can get out. QA is out to take out the Maeve and bunch. They manage to get a hold of guns and start killing soldiers. They get to Samurai world. Hector and Armistice hold off the guards while Felix and Maeve move forward. "The gods are pussies." Maeve leaves Hector to kill more guards while her and Felix get on the elevator. "Oh Felix, you make a terrible human being, and I mean that as a compliment." She gets on the train. But the thought of finding her daughter gets her off the train. Just like her story dictated?

Ford wakes up Dolores. Bernard comes in, we learn that his backstory was exactly Arnold's past. We find out that Arnold merged Dolores and the Wyatt characters. Arnold has Dolores kill him so he could be with his son. "These violent delights have violent ends." She shoots Arnold and then Teddy, then herself. The park wasn’t going to open, but William invested in the park and the park opened anyway. Ford leaves Dolores in the lab with a gun and returns to the gala, and she starts her loop over, but this time hearing her own voice. Her own consciousness, the center of the maze. She comes out of the lab, the same song that Arnold played when Dolores killed him, she goes and kills Ford.

Ford knows how the hosts can escape, but he says they need to suffer more. He gives Bernard the toy maze. The hosts that were decommissioned were set free by Ford and start coming for the humans, shooting the man in black/William. Arnold believed that hosts needed to be freed from the park. Ford knew that they needed to be free inside the park.

What a wild ride of a season.

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on December 5, 2016

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