Westworld Recap S01E08: Trace Decay

In ‘Trace Decay’, Bernard is upset that he killed Theresa. Ford built Bernard to get the spectrum of human emotion. Ford wants Bernard to act like business as usual. Ford wants him to cover up the murder and Ford will wipe his memory of Teresa and his relationship. ‘Best to move forward with clear eyes.’ They find Theresa, and the board lady is suspicious of Ford’s involvement in Teresa’s death. Hale knows he’s pulling the strings but can’t do anything about it. Hale meets with Mr. Sizemore and offers him offers him a job. They go to the host storage to bring back Mr. Abernathy. Hale wants him to get the host on the train and get him off of the park because he is a hotbed for information. Somehow I don’t think that is going to go well.

Ford and Bernard also discuss Bernard’s feelings. ‘The things I experienced, are they real’. Bernard asks what the difference between him and Ford. Bernard asks Ford if he had made him hurt anyone else before. He remembers that he hurt Elise. The security guy asks Bernard about Teresa, he seems to know that something is up with Bernard.

The house of the Rising Sun is playing while Maeve meets the Clem’s replacement. She sees how fake all of it, remembering a previous story line with her daughter. She asks Felix and Sylvester why she remembers ‘every relationship i remember… it’s a story created by you to keep me here.’ We find that the spine of each host has an explosive attached if they try to leave. ‘Time to write my own fucking story.’ Maeve tells them that she is ‘like two minds arguing at each other.’ That what she is designed to do is dormant. And she asks who Arnold. She knows what she wants and she wants them to get her up to Behavior. They sneak her up and she gives them the changes, but she has to go under. Sylvester thinks that Felix wiped her, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. They tinkered with her core code, and she slit Sylvester’s throat. And Felix has to cauterize the wound. ‘Now it’s time to recruit my army'.

She wakes up in Westworld as ‘One is the Loneliest Number’ plays. It seems like Maeve now has the ability to control other hosts and their actions to a Ford-like level. She remembers her daughter again and her being killed by the man in black. She get’s the bar cleared out a bit. Maeve creates mayhem in Sweetwater with her control, letting the bandits steal the safe. Maeve flashes back and accidentally kills new Clem. Now she is on the radar of the Westworld staff. In a flashback we see that Maeve was inconsolable until Ford stepped in and wiped her memory- except it didn’t work and she killed herself. The men in suits find Maeve, her fate unknown at the moment.

William and Dolores travel in uncharted territory, discovering a bunch of dead bodies on the shore. One of the guys isn’t dead. They were part of the ambush but the Ghost Nation got to them first. Dolores sees a dead body in the water, hallucinating. One that looks like her as she hears a voice ‘ come find me’. Dolores and William find the town that she was looking for. As they enter, Dolores finds a weird group of people dancing as a bell tolls. She finds the little girl who she had saw before. She sees herself getting shot and has the gun to her. She snaps out of it as William grabs her. How much is she imagining? The old church tower buried, so when exactly is this happening. Especially since she wants to meet up with Arnold... until Logan finds and captures them.

The man in black and Teddy get closer to Wyatt. The man in black tells Teddy that he’s meant to be the loser, which prompts a memory of a previous story line. They uncover a bunch of people killed by Wyatt and his men. When a weird Wyatt person came, which triggered another memory in Teddy. Teddy knocked the man in black out. Teddy wants to know who the man in black is. Teddy tied up the man in black to figure out who he is. ‘I’m a good guy Teddy.’ We found out that his wife killed himself. He wanted to see if he could do something truly evil. So the man in black killed Maeve and her kid. But she would had refused to die. He said he felt nothing. He saw the maze revealed to him. Teddy tries to kill the man in black, but the woman who he ‘rescued’ stabbed Teddy. She was actually a part of Wyatt’s crew. And she was the host that greeted William as he entered the park.

Let the theories fly!

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