Westworld Recap S01E07: Trompe L'Oeil

In ‘Trompe L'Oeil’, we open with Bernard dreaming he was in the hospital with his son, reading him Alice in Wonderland. Bernard learns that Elsie is on ‘leave’. He knows that’s not true at all and goes to talk to Teresa. She asks if there was something he wanted to tell her. He lies to her and the conversation is a little awkward. She goes to talk to the board member who was having sex with a host. She questions Teresa over Ford’s resources and the host who bashed his head in. The real value is in the intellectual property. They need to make sure that the information is protected from Ford after they make him resign. They want to show that the hosts are dangerous, and they need a ‘blood sacrifice’ to show it.

Maeve wakes up again in Westworld with her new upgrades. She asks Clementine if she has nightmares or dreams of being somewhere else. She has dreams of getting her family out of the desert. Everything freezes except Maeve and the clean up crew takes Clem out. She’ll be the one used to show how dangerous the hosts are.Maeve gets herself killed to find out what happened to Clementine. She makes Felix take her to where Clementine is, to see that they are giving her a lobotomy. Maeve is pissed that about the decommissioning. She tells them that she is escaping Westworld and they are going to help her. ‘It would be a suicide mission.’ ‘You think I’m scared of death, I’ve done it a million times. I’m fucking great at it. How many times have you died.’ She tells them that if they don’t help her that she’ll kill them.

On the train with William, Dolores, and Lawrence on the way to the front. ‘Maybe you got more of an appetite for this than you think’. They are traveling through dangerous territory. ‘I just want to be in the moment I’m in’. He tells her that she help Dolores find the place she is looking for, but he won’t stay because he has a lady he’s going to marry. But then he goes and messes that whole speech up and kisses Dolores in a sex scene that gratefully ending fairly quickly. William gets metaphysical about the purpose of Westworld. He tells her that she ‘..unlocked something in me’. She tells him that she’s ‘not a key William, I’m just me’.

The train gets stopped by boulders on the tracks that were put there by the Confederados. The Confederados open fire on the train, but the gang moved to a different cart and Lawrence exploded the dead guy full of nitrate to kill them. The trio escapes on horseback as luckily the Confederados are bad shots. The Ghost Nation comes in to take care of all of the bad dudes. Dolores drew something new. ‘A place where the mountains meets the sea.’ They stop and see what Dolores painted, what she dreamt. William and Dolores leave Lawrence to head West into the unclaimed territories.

Miss Hill and Teresa give a report about the QA found worrisome findings to Ford and Bernard. Clementine was reverted back to her prior build. The host beats her up, but she remembers the host (read as human) and kills him. She also didn’t listen to command. The reveries show that are remembering past memories and holding grudges. They wanted Bernard to throw Ford under bus, but doesn’t and instead gets fired for it. Bernard tells Teresa that the show was obviously tampered with, and that he knows that she’s been grabbing information. Bernard takes Teresa to the park. ‘It’s the human beings that confuse me.’ They go to the house Ford has been keeping. “What’s behind this door - what door.’ They entire a workshop, a workshop that looks familiar. Ford was making own hosts and telling no one - Teresa discovers the blueprint for Bernard! The theories are true! Bernard says that it didn’t look like anything to him, confirming that he is indeed a host.

Teresa says to Ford what we’ve all been thinking. ‘You’re a fucking monster.’ ‘The host here are free… here, under my control.’ Ford asked Bernard to bring Teresa here on purpose. ‘Do you really think that I would let you take it from me.’ Ford has Bernard kill Teresa while presumably the host version of her was being created. How many of the humans running Westworld are actually hosts?

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