Westworld Recap S01E06: The Adversary

In the sixth episode, “The Adversary”, Maeve wakes up in Westworld, as the aptly chosen ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ is playing in the background. She grabs a ‘new comer’ to get herself ‘killed’ so she can ask more questions about who she is and what is going on. Felix tells her that he’s human and she’s not- ‘I was born, you were made.’ He shows her that everything she does is controlled, and she freezes. After she is done the mannequin challenge, she convinces him to take her upstairs where she sees other hosts being cleaned up and created. They through various floors and she sees the creation of the characters within storylines. Seeing the commercial, she sees a past version of herself, seeing her ‘dreams’. His partner comes in and catches them and goes to report them. Maeve threatens Sylvester, and convinces him to sleep with her instead of reporting them. She negotiates some alterations, but it seems like someone else is altering her already. She wants less loyalty and pain, and the highest perception possible. ‘Dear boys, we’re going to have some fun aren’t we’?

Theresa goes to the head narrator, Lee, and tells him to get off his butt so if the Board needs a replacement for Ford he’ll be a viable candidate. Instead he gets super drunk and pisses on the map. It turns out that the lady he was chatting up was a part of the board. Ford is in Westworld discussing his plans, while he is there he sees the maze markings. He goes through his old notes, finding a picture of the maze. When are all of these story lines happening, are they at the same time or are we getting a glimpse of thirty years ago?

The man in black and Teddy ‘ the maze itself is a sum of a man’s life’. In Westworld the maze is a Native American myth. They are on the way to Pariah but the border was blocked. They take union uniforms, but get stopped. They want to brand Teddy with the mark of the maze. They manage to escape after Teddy kills the camp with a steampunk machine gun. Is it because he saw the mark of the maze that made him do it?

Elise and Bernard discuss the tracking device. In order to access who the host was transmitting information to, Bernard needs to go downstairs where the retired hosts are kept. After checking the computer, he finds that hosts that aren’t registered with the new system are the ones with the anomalies, most likely the ones tracking information. ‘Look at that, science’. Theresa ends her relationship with Bernard since Ford knows. He was going to tell her about the device, but doesn’t. It seems like no one has been to the sector that he is checking out, but there is a house with a family living inside. The family of the boy that Ford was talking to. Ford is there, he tells Bernard that they are first generation hosts. Ford has been maintaining them, and they only respond to his voice. They are the only ones left that Arnold built, and they were a gift to Ford as a connection to his past. ‘ If you could see your son Bernard, wouldn’t you want to?’

Bernard looks through all of the first generation hosts still in rotation, the ones built by Arnold. Else finds that the satellite is one in Westworld. Someone on the inside is projecting out information. She goes to a building alone in the dark to find out more information. This place is a super creepy theater. She opens a coffin to find the up link. Theresa is part of a bigger plan. Someone else is using the older models and modifying them at their core. It seems like they can lie and can kill. It seems like Arnold is telling the hosts to kill. ‘If it was dead, it couldn’t hurt anything anymore.’ Else finds out more information and is captured by an unknown assailant. Is it the person working with Theresa, someone working for Arnold, or both?

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on November 8, 2016

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