Westworld Recap S01E05: Contrapasso

Things are getting complicated in Westworld. In the fifth episode, “Contrapasso”, we open up on Ford talking about the saddest thing he ever saw. His old greyhound dog tore a cat to pieces. ‘That dog has spent his whole life trying to catch that thing. Now it had no idea what to do.’

Dolores is in a graveyard yard and hears a voice that tells her to ‘find me’. William, Logan, and Dolores head into Pariah. It seems like the town was created about Arnold before he had killed himself. Willian hits the nail on the heard with his description. ’Whoever designed this place you get the feeling they don’t think very much of people.’ Dolores is remembering a previous time in Pariah. She faints and wakes up talking to Ford. He asks her about the man he used to be and whether she had interacted with Arnold recently. We find that Dolores was probably the last conscious being to see Arnold alive. In theory her last contact with him was 34 years ago. Apparently she was created to destroy Westworld, but did not go through with the plan. Again we are met with maze imagery. ‘You’re mind is a walled garden, even death cannot touch the flowers blooming there.’ After Ford leaves Dolores alone, she ominously says to herself / Arnold (?) ‘He doesn’t know. I didn’t tell him anything.’

Elise is working with a host to fix something. The host that tried to kill her is going to the incinerator so she goes and blackmails one of the butchers. She tells the butcher that he is either going to help her or she's going to tell everyone that he likes to sleeps with dormant hosts. When she examines the host she finds something hidden within his body. She tells Bernard that the host had a laser based satellite up-link. The host was not drawing constellations, it was drawing a target. Someone was using the host to smuggle data out of the park.

The man in black still has Teddy. The little boy shows up and goes to get water. The man in black dumps the water and kills Lawrence and collects his blood and uses to for a transfusion for Teddy. He tells Teddy that Wyatt has Dolores to motivate him to get up. Ford meets up with the man in black and Teddy. ‘ I lack the imagine to even conceive of someone like you.’ The man in black thinks there is a deeper meaning hidden in Westworld by Arnold. He goes after Ford but Teddy stops him. Ford leaves, restarting Teddy’s revitalization.

One of the clean up techs notices Maeve's wound and is acting really sketchy. He tries to program a bird back to life. ‘You are a butcher, and that is all you’ll ever be.’ Maeve is back again to be fixed up. The butcher keeps playing with the programming of the bird and gets it to work. When he turns around he finds Maeve awake, ready to ask questions.

We find out that El Lazo is Lawrence. Dolores bargains with him to work with the Confederados. William ends up shooting the union soldiers to protect Logan and Dolores. El Lazo sells the Confederados the explosives. William doesn’t want to go along with Logan and his goal to get to war, finding more out about their relationship. As they fight, Dolores goes off to explore and finds a tarot reader. One of the cards is the maze, and when she looks up she see’s herself. She sees herself unraveling, perhaps seeing the same device in her arm as the host who knocked his head in. According to Dolores William is a key to the maze. The Confederados lock up Logan and William just leaves him. Dolores is able to kill the Confederados and William and her escape on the train to find El Lazo. On the coffin is the maze: it seems like they are headed closer to discovering the maze.

‘I image the story where I don’t have to be the damsel.’

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