Westworld Recap S01E04: Dissonance Theory

Stories are converging in Westworld. In the fourth episode, “Dissonance Theory”, Bernard meets with Dolores again. She tells Bernard that she killed the men who killed her parents. “Is there something wrong with these thoughts I’m having?” Dolores feels like she’s losing her mind. A similar description to the hosts with consciousness. Bernard tells Dolores about the maze. The goal is to get to the center and then she will be free. Dolores wakes up at William and Logan’s campsite. Logan wants to invest more in Westworld, there seems to be more at stake that meets the eye.

Maeve is remembering past events and past story lines. She’s remembering when she was murdered, and the cleanup that happened afterwards. She checks to see if she had a surgical incision and there isn’t one. She draws one of the men who cleaned up the hosts, and discovers that she has drawn that figure many times before. A child drops a toy of one of the lab techs, baffling her even more. When the bandits for the safe, she learns about the shade that walks in between worlds. A bullet from a previous shooting is pulled out of her, saying the most impactful line of the series so far: “I’m not crazy, and none of this matters.”

In the lab they are investigating why the dude smashed his head in. Bernard wants to keep it under wraps that a the host had its own thoughts. And he points out that the carving was not Orion, the star points were incorrect. Any constellation theories were instantly smashed (pun intended). The man in black returns, searching for more clues about the maze. “I want to know what this all means.” They find a woman with a snake tattoo. He persuades her to join up with her. We learn that the man in black has a foundation. Also we learn that the man in black knows about Arnold. That he wants to honor his legacy- the game that has real stakes. He gets locked in the prison and uses explosive cigars to break out with a guy for the woman with the red snake tattoo. Her story is now linked with the creation of Wyatt. The man in black finds Terry hung up by Wyatt’s men.

Dolores finds the girl that gave the man in black the hint to the maze, who also gave a hint to Dolores, helping her remember past stories. “Sometimes I feel like something’s calling me. Telling me there is a place for me.” William, Logan, and Dolores start on a new story to find El Lazo. She looks up at the moon and remembers the lights of the clean up crew. Is it possible that the hosts are developing more memories and consciousness?

Ford’s activities in the park have been creating disruptions and many questions with the board. cleary has no interest in the board and what the board is trying to do. He says that Arnold lost his perspective, saying that he ‘...always seen things very clearly.” But it is unclear what Ford’s perspective actually is.

‘Please, don’t get in my way.’

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