Westworld Recap S01E02: Chestnut

Entering Westworld is as simple as opening a door to enter it. In the second episode, "Chesnut," we meet Logan and William. Logan, who is obviously morally ambiguous by choice of black cowboy hat, takes William to visit Westworld for the first time. William, who chooses the white cowboy hat is not as eager to dive into Westworld's dark side. William helps up an older man who Logan later stabs in the hand at dinner. William's morality is juxtaposed to Logan's again when William doesn’t want to sleep with a hooker while Logan is having a grand ol' time. In Westworld, everything is really black and white.

The man in black is at it again in search of the mysterious maze. He interrupts a hanging of a man named Lawrence in order to find out more information. He throw Lawrence Kissy’s scalp, revealing what looks like a map of the maze. The man in black drags Lawrence back to his home, demanding more information while shooting up the cantina. After the man in black shoots Lawrence's wife, Lawrence's daughter says that the maze isn't meant for the man in the black. But when pressed she tells him that follow the Blood Arroyo to the place where the snake lays its eggs. The Man in Black gives the last bullet back to the little girl and rides off, Lawrence still his prisoner.

Outside of Westworld, problems with the hosts continue. Bernard thinks that what happened with Abernathy was sabotage, but Dr. Ford doesn't believe it. Bernard is also having secret meetings with Dolores, which can not bode well for the humans running the show. Self-aware artificial intelligence doesn't usually end well for humanity. Add sabotage along with the gun that Dolores digs up and Westworld is going to have a real problem on its hands.

Especially since the hosts are remembering previous incarnations of themselves. They're remembering old story lines in dreams, which the humans don't think the hosts can have. During a nightmare (re-living of the past) Maeve wakes up on an operating table and rightfully freaks out.

It also seems like the hosts can feel pain, when Elsie notices a pained expression on Maeve's face and requests a full physical for her. To a long list of ethical questions brought up by this show, we add one more. If these hosts can feel pain and have nightmares they are closer to being human than anyone in the lab wants to admit.

Ford takes an elevator to the middle of the park and finds a bored child, who seems to be mirrored after himself. While walking together, they find a snake alongside a tower, that Ford controls. This tower is also where Ford says he is creating a new storyline. It seems like this is where the beginning of the maze might be. Whatever this story line is going to entail, it seems much more interesting than Sizemore's rejected story, "Odyssey on Red River."

"They come back because of the subtitles. They want a glimpse of who they could be."

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on October 10, 2016

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