The Super Ladies of Geeks OUT

To celebrate Women's History Month at Geeks OUT, we're geeking out about the superpowers our women would want to sport. We're all pretty awesome without these powers. Duh. But who doesn't like to imagine having abilities that make them even cooler? Some of these powers are silly, others are serious, and most of them are an interesting reflection of who we are and who we want to be.

Presenting, the Fierce, Fantastic, and Fabulous Ladies of Geeks Out:

Amanda: I would have super strength coupled by a super human pain tolerance. Sprinkled with the power of sarcasm and a dash of super-empath abilities.

Trish: I would be able to fly, and shoot glowing orbs of empathy, understanding, and luuurve from my hands! And I would have a chakram (like Xena's) for when I needed to get sassy!

Oddree: I would choose the ability to speak any language. Super handy, could have a regular job, and be able to travel more easily. Also, I'd like to be a Metamorphmagus like Nymphadora Tonks because I could have wicked hair on the weekend and normal hair for work!

Niala: I would want a healing factor, telepathy, teleportation powers, and a learning/memory power. Maybe like Prodigy of the X-Men/Young Avengers, but not touch based. Some extra strength would also be very nice.

Aria: Dammit, Andrea (and to a lesser extent, Niala)! My superpowers were going to be omnilingual communication and empathic healing, like a high femme combination of C-3PO from Star Wars and Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed. Now I'll have to do something super specific, like generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids, or make waffles with my mind.

Alexa: I would have the power to slap stupid people into next week. And a look in the eye that could kill. And a familiar that is a bunny. AKA my bun, Swizzle.

Jenna : Like Catwoman, but instead of stealing things and dressing in a cat suit, I am just surrounded by actual cats.

Amber: Mecha/technomancer.

Sara: Technically, I'm already magical, but do semi-phenomenal cosmic powers count? (Think the Genie in Aladdin the animated series) or generic superpowers (flight, invulnerability, super strength) + time travel/teleportation and the ability to bring things to life (like my comic characters).

Valerie: I'd love the ability to change into a baby hedgehog when people are mad at me. I would disarm them with my cuteness and then they’d forget all about whatever stupid thing I did to get them angry. And it would be awesome to be able to grow back my hair overnight, like Harry Potter, and save myself from a lifetime of haircut regret. Um, and maybe I could have magical pajamas that grant me the power to make tacos appear at 3 AM. I'd like that.

Despite not actually having these powers (OK, I might have a cat lady power), these women, like all women, should be celebrated during Women's History Month, and every month.

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on March 21, 2017

Amanda is a nonbinary Philadelphia-based writer. She likes Doctor Who, Legos, 90s pop, any TV show that doesn't kill off the lesbian characters, and folk music. Sometimes people describe her as a hippie. They would be correct.

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