Orphan Black Season 4 Season Finale

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

In From Dance Mice To Psychopaths, we get a shocking season finale that makes us come back for more. And after announcing that the next season will be Orphan Black’s final season, it’s apparent that they are ramping up for an epic clone showdown.

We find out that it was Duko who shot Delphine, who apparently has a terrible shot. Who has a clear shot and then goes for the stomach then the head? He seemed like he was a terrible assassin at times. Luckily for Delphine, Duko didn’t go for her head and Krystal’s phone rang at the most opportune moment. I couldn’t stop laughing at that reveal. The only reason that we didn’t have another dead queer lady was because Krystal’s phone went off before Duko could shoot Delphine in the head. Seriously, I just started cracking up. The bar has been set so low in 2016 so I’ll take any reasoning that keeps queer ladies on TV.

Cosima and Susan finds the cure! Only Susan had more plans, she wants to start cloning again as the head of Neolution. Just when you start liking a character on this show… BAM! They go and lock my beautiful Cosima in a room. While she’s in there, she conveniently finds one of Charlotte’s paining, a map of the island. She sees that there are huts on the northern part of the island and her curiosity is peaked. She is also getting sicker and sicker and I really really hate when people cough of blood on TV. We don’t see any bot implants but we get some nice bloody phlegm.

We also find out that Dr. Van Lier is the one who saved Delphine and took her to the island. He is also the one who was taking over Bright Born. I was genuinely shocked when they killed Evie in that board room. I knew her story had ended, but she didn’t even get a chance to a redeem herself. Neolutionists sure don’t play around.

Krystal finds out that she is a clone, but she’s not believing it. I had always loved Krystal, but after I found out that Tatiana modeled it after a character on the Kroll show I was absolutely done. Seriously, watch this and then come back and tell me how great that character is. In a case of mistaken clone identity Sarah pretends to be Krystal to lore Van Lier to a car to get some answers about Neolution.

If you think these developments are crazy, wait until we add the Rachel and Ferdinand factor into the final equation. Not only does Rachel go to the Neolution board to take over as the head her plans are the most sinister we’ve seen yet. She wants to follow the science by combining the bot technology with clone technology — creating clone farms where Neolution can do whatever they want to clones whenever they want. All she needs now is the cure from Susan. Once Rachel and Susan got into the same room, I knew it was not going to be good for Susan, and boy was I right. After seeing the weird bearded island man and a severed swan head through her eye she stabs Susan.

Sarah gets to the house too late, and finds Susan doubled over while trying to mend her gross stab wounds. As Sarah is trying to figure out what to do Rachel comes at her like a bat out of hell and stabs Sarah in the leg. So. Gross. Unfortunately Susan does not shoot Rachel, but it gives Sarah enough time to run away. When she calls Mrs. S and Kira to check in, we find out that Ferdinand is in the Rabbit Hole and has the two of them hostage! Seriously Rachel and Ferdinand are the absolute worst.

Luckily Cosima and Charlotte make it out of the house safe and try to make it to the boat. It’s cold and Cosima isn’t doing well before their brush with hypothermia. The man whom Rachel has been seeing and finally saved Cosima and Rachel is The Messenger. And the moment we’ve (read lesbians) have been waiting for: the Delphine/Cosima reunion! It was really heartwarming at sweet until Cosima started feeling the affects of hypothermia. It gave the show a nice excuse to show half naked Cosima and Delphine snuggled together, so I’m not going to be too mad about it. Not only are they reunited, but Cosima was able to sneak a cure away from Rachel! We didn’t see Delphine administer it to Cosima, but I’m hoping that Cosima is able to get the cure and fully complete their homework.

The biggest twist of the episode is the reveal of the "man behind the curtain," the head of Neolution himself, is still alive after 150 years. The show ends with a ring of a doorbell, leaving us to wonder who is behind the door waiting to meet Rachel? Is it Kira’s father? Is it Paul back from the dead? Is it a completely new character? Am I just making up theories to compensate that we have to wait a year to find out?

Yes. See you next year!

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on June 20, 2016

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