Geek Girl Crush Corner: Atomic Blonde

Hello! And welcome to the first Geek Girl Crush Corner! Where Manders and Tricialicious talk about their latest nerdy crushes. In this first edition, we're going to be giving you some reasons why were are super pumped for Atomic Blonde. (CAUTION: SHE'S REALLY SEXY).

1. The trailer (obviously)

Manders: Come on, I know I've watched it several times. And by several times, I definitely don't mean 20.

Tricialicious: Oh, that glorious trailer. The first time I watched it, I bit my knuckle and squeed at the same time. I've always had a huge crush on Charlize Theron. Her ability to be intense as well as composed has always intrigued me. And good golly gracious, she's so gorgeous! Not to mention her love interest is a lady. Finally! Something I can identify with!

2. It defies gender norms

Tricialicious: I get super annoyed when men are like, that's the girl James Bond movie isn't it? Fuck no sir, this is a killer spy movie with hotness Charlize Theron. You don't have to compare her to a dude! She's her own damn person.

Manders: Exactly. This movie isn't the "female version" of anything. She's a super spy who also happens to be a lady. Just because she's a woman doesn't make only ‘female’. It seems like she doesn’t discriminate against any gender when she’s kicking ass, so pssh.

3. She's a badass woman who fights like a woman

Tricialicious: I love that there isn't a keen focus on just her body and pretending like she's going to come out of these fights unscathed. She's a badass woman who has to adjust to fighting with men by using more than her fists. She blocks and uses their weight against them. It's unique, hard core, and sexy all at once for a feature film starring a female hardcore protagonist. I adore it! And goodness she's so gorgeous I can't stand it! Those intense eyes, that hair, her body!

Manders: (Giggles) yeah, exactly what Trish said. Did we mention how sexy she is? Because Theron making out with a lady is not something I thought I needed until seeing it. And I cannot wait until I get to see hours of her kicking a bunch of dudes' asses. It's like Wonder Woman, only grittier.

4. She isn't a sidekick

Manders: The movie is based on the graphic novel The Coldest City, which has a female protagonist. But that never stops Hollywood from putting women in the background or the sidelines. Especially women who are queer. It's great to see a woman taking the shots and throwing the punches. And I'm hoping that James McAvoy is as good as Tom Hardy as the sidekick.

Tricialicious: Yes! Make the man a sidekick! Keep that hot lady large and in charge calling all the shots and rolling her eyes at her dude sidekick’s idiocy! That's my kind of lady! (Fans face)

5. We get to see Charlize Theron do her own stunts!

Manders: Seeing any actor do their own stunts is amazing. Fight scenes, especially hand to hand combat, are super difficult. The fact that when I watch this movie I'm going to see those scenes knowing it's actually her... (sighs).

Tricialicious: Right?! Charlize Theron is a force, and seeing a gorgeous lady take the time and dedication, as well as endure bruises while maintaining an active life as a mom is sexy as hell! In her interview with Kare 11, she explained that she got to see her kids in the morning, work on the film, then spent the evenings with her kids. She hid her bruises as best she could for her kiddos. Any mother who is willing to dedicate balancing her career with family life so fluidly is so attractive! (Swoons)

Tonight is the night to see Atomic Blonde in all its fantastic (and sexy) glory. We're so pumped! Until next time, this is Manders and Tricialicious swooning over pretty ladies, and we'll be looking for our next gorgeous geeky gal to gush about!

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on July 28, 2017

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