Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

In The Redesign of Natural Objects, the Sisters and Mrs. S. are back to their badass selves. Rachel wants to find a cure and reinstate Susan as the head of Neolution. And she has Ira on her side. It’s good to see her back to her blunt, sassy self. When she offered to start building coffins, I almost stood up and clapped. Rachel is morally ambiguous at best and completely corrupted by the idea of power, but girlfriend gets things done. We still have no idea why she is seeing weird images through her eye, but they are getting weirder and weirder. Did Evie or one of her cronies do something to mess with the technology?

Donnie is still in prison and there is a Neolution guy there doing Duko’s bidding. Not-the-singer Adele is his lawyer and meets Allison, Sarah’s “twin.” She seems to believe it, or she is great at pretending she’s a clueless drunk. Is her role on this show merely to be the comic relief? There are so few characters on this show that are just there for a laugh, and I’m having a hard time believing that she doesn’t possess any plot significance.

While this is going on, Allison is rehearsing for Jesus Christ Superstar and deciding whether she’ll sell Sarah out to save Donnie from Duko and the Neolutionist jail dude. I loved this plot for many reasons. For one, Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my top three favorite musicals. Any use of it, especially having a female Jesus and Judas made me giddy. I also loved how Orphan Black flipped the “damsel in distress” script. Donnie is mortal danger and Allison has to figure what to do to save him. The ball is completely in her court.

Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S know all of this, because Mrs. S set out to kill Duko, seeing that Allison was meeting with him. Felix goes to see Allison to try and persuade Allison to not give Sarah up. Instead of Felix taking over the situation Allison is still in complete control of the situation. When she tells Duko where Sarah was it genuinely tricked me for a minute. It seemed like a reasonable and realistic move, but I really didn’t want Sarah to get captured. If someone had a shank to my girlfriend’s head I’d sell someone else down the river to save her. In a heartbeat.

Luckily my worries for nothing, because Sarah, Art, and especially Mrs. S. knew what was up. They were at the Rabbit Hole anticipating Duko and completely caught him by surprise. This scene might have been my favorite in the entire series. Here is this older woman who's dealt with a lot of “Black Irish shit” and who has just lost her mother. She is in some serious pain and still manages to get Neolution information out of him before she shoots him in the chest with a rifle. Duko tried playing the family card to appeal to her empathetic side, underestimating the strength and power of this badass warrior. We got to see an older woman mourn and kick major ass at the same time.

While this is going on, MK contacts Sarah again through Kira’s computer, and helps Cosima and Sarah connect to the island to talk to Susan. The interaction between Cosima and Rachel is absolutely perfect. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but that doesn’t mean Cosima wants to work directly with Rachel or Ira. I don’t blame her at all, and I love when Cosima is assertive. She is definitely the most attractive clone. (My girlfriend thinks that Sarah is more attractive — she’s wrong sometimes.)

Cosima figures out that if they combine a Leda egg and Castor sperm they’ll be able to create Kendall’s DNA, becoming a lot closer to a cure. It seems like she and Rachel will be switching places on the island. And hopefully, Cosima and Susan can work together to find a cure. You might be asking, hey Amanda, why did MK come back to help Sarah after completely abandoning her? Well, as you might have guessed dear reader, it’s not for something cheery. We find out that she is much more invested in finding a cure because she’s also sick and dying. The stakes have been raised, and I think the Sisters are ready to kick some Neolution ass.

Will there be a cure this season? Is Helena going to show up in a big way? Will Evie’s evil plan to change humanity come to a head? Is Delphine lurking in the shadows somewhere?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on June 6, 2016

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