Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

In The Anti-Socialism of Sex everyone is sadder, crazier, and a little gayer. Seriously, I thought that last episode was heavy. The last episode was heavy. But this is worse. This episode was like having to clean up after a terrible party while you’re still hungover. Everything from the night before was awful, but cleaning it up and dealing with it is 100x worse.

Rachel is set free from her room, and gets to hang out with Susan, Charlotte, and Ira upstairs. We learn a little more about Neolution and its origins. A really old secret society that wants to find and develop the perfect human — what is this, Hydra created by a Mormon? And for some reason Rachel thinks it’s a great idea to tell Charlotte that she is dying. Hey kid, I know we’re locked up in this house, but let me tell you that you’re sick and there isn’t a cure. I know Susan and Rachel are sad, but come on.

We see that Evie is continuing to be a terrible person, and now is the head of Neolution. She also has shingles because of her treatments. Is she going to turn into one of those gross super villains who tries to get powers by taking the science too far. They gave Kira super-empathy, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Evie turn into something crazy. Kira’s creepy powers are amplified once again, and tells Felix that she is “following Beth,” presumably toward self-destruction and suicide.

Sarah feels responsible for Kendall’s death and the loss of the research. Mrs. S. blames Sarah as well as herself. Cosima blames herself for everything. Allison is also really sad. Donnie, Felix, and Scottie are amazing as usual. These guys do not get enough credit for the work they do. Their lives are usually in danger, and they continually put their necks out for Mrs. S, Kira, and the Sisters. Despite all of the angst and tension between Sarah and Felix, he’s out there trying to find Sarah before she literally and metaphorically goes off the edge.

Sarah is back to making poor decisions while super intoxicated and high. The one moment where my feels weren’t completely on the floor is when we got glimpses of Bisexual! Sarah Manning. Seriously, my heart leapt. We get three queer clones (four, counting the transgender clone Tony Sawicki in Season 2) that are all alive! *crosses my fingers to keep it that way* Sarah also keeps seeing and talking to Beth, leading her the train station where Beth committed suicide.

Back at the Rabbit Hole, Cosima decides it’s a good idea to use the stolen maggot-bot to help them find a cure. Initially, I think this is a great idea until she wants to stick the thing back in her mouth. I thought we were done with mouths and sharp objects, but nope, we can’t get away from the gross and nasty faux dental work.

After Art kicks the crap out of the creepy bearded Neolutionist guy, the police break up a sleepover to arrest Donnie on narcotic charges. Now I know that it’s a drug bust, but would they really tear up a party like that? It seemed a bit campy, but this episode definitely needed some camp. At the end of last episode, I thought that the bearded Neolutionist might have some good in him, and that maybe he was working against his will. But I set that theory on fire and threw it out the window. The only way that he can be redeemed is if he has to blow himself up to save the Sisters (RIP Paul).

As Felix is headed toward the train station he gets a call from Scott about Cosima and what she wants to do. Seriously, I have to hand it to Felix. He is wandering around trying to save his sister while he has to talk Cosima down. We find out what Krystal told him about Delphine. What we’ve been waiting for all season. Someone took Delphine away after she was shot, but she was still alive. The USS Cophine may sail again! I’ve been waiting for this reveal all season. We never saw Delphine’s body after she was shot, and really there was no reason for the show to drag her shooting out for so long if she was dead. Three queer characters on one show —  and at the moment are still alive? Is it a sign of the end times?

Felix gets to Sarah in time and brings her home, and Mrs. S and Sarah eat breakfast together why my feels are all over the floor. While Kira is playing Minecraft MK hacks into her computer, bringing her back into the picture.

Is MK the one who saved Delphine? Was in Felix’s sister? Kira’s dad? A completely new person? Why is Rachel’s eye glitching and causing her to see things? Is it bad tech, or a Evie headed Neolutionist plot? Why did the bearded Neolutionist guy only have Donnie arrested? Why are there only three episodes left?

Will I be right about anything on this show? Tune in to find out!


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on May 31, 2016

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