Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

The Scandal of Altruism gives us more answers, more questions, and more feels all over the floor. We follow Beth, finally getting to see why she had blood on her hands. We also find out more about the maggot-bots, Neolution, and who the real baddies of season four are.

It seems like Beth has finally figured out that Susan Duncan is the person she needs to kill to end all of her struggle. Except that we know she doesn’t actually kill Susan, since, you know, Susan still is alive hanging out with the Leda Sestras.

Cosima and Sarah contact a plan to get the bot out of Sarah’s mouth, get Leda DNA to Susan, and avoid weaponizing the Castor clones. It all seems very straightforward and easy. Way too easy. Like the Sestras, I’ve been lulled into a false sense of knowing what is going on. Of course, Susan is the main baddie of the season, why would we think otherwise?

Cosima, Sarah, Susan, and Evie agree to get the bot out of Sarah’s mouth for exchange to Cosima’s research and Leda DNA from Kendall. Because of Kendall’s cancer Scott and Cosima can isolate the Leda cells from the Castor, only giving Susan enough help with the cure. Mrs. S is mad at Sarah for using her mom as a bargaining chip, but really she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She’s the same person who used Helena as bargaining chip with Castor. The Castor clone is none too happy about being left out of the bargain, but like Sarah said, he’s a “bloody biological weapon.”

Back at the police station, Art finds Krystal, keeping her away from the creepy Neolutionist cop. I really wish they would tell Krystal what is going on. I understand that they want to protect her, but she is obviously smarter than she appears. Felix comes by and tells her that all of theories are true, but she needs to keep her head down to protect the investigation. I know that Krystal is supposed to be the comic relief of the episodes, but I’m convinced there’s more to her stem cells in make-up story. What if it has something to do with Neolution? Most importantly, she saw Delphine get shot. She said that she saw the whole thing. What did she tell Art and Felix? Like Orphan Black would tell us directly. Those teases.

We found out that the bot in Sarah’s mouth was trying to make Sarah sick. If it had actually worked, she would have been dead. Luckily Cosima and Evie got the gross maggot-bot out of Sarah’s mouth, even if it did seem like the bot was going to leak toxin and kill Sarah. I’m glad that thing is out of Sarah’s mouth, mainly because I hope that we never have to have a close up of people’s mouths, maggot-robots, and sharp objects. It was just gross. Scott gets Kendall’s DNA, Sarah gets to leave Bright Born, and Cosima hands over her research to Evie. Cosima stole the maggot from Evie while asking about Delphine. Of course Evie pretends like she didn’t know who Delphine was personally, but there is more than meets the eye.

Then everything goes to hell. Kendall gets taken as she was getting transported and Sarah destroys the Leda samples. We are led to believe the Castor clone would do it, but instead we find out that he overdosed and wasn’t responsible. If Susan or the Castor clone weren’t behind Kendall’s abduction, then who was? When Cosima is held at Bright Born with Evie everything becomes clear — I was wrong for almost six entire episodes. I thought Susan was the ultimate villain of the season. Nope. It was Evie. We find that Evie set up Beth to kill Susan to get rid all traces of Leda. The blood on Beth’s hands was from beating the ever loving crap out of Evie. Creepy Neolutionist stops her, and we see what pushes her over the edge. She knows too much, and she wanted to protect her Sisters.


Things go even more south when a Trojan virus destroyed all of Cosima and Scott’s research and we find Kendall, creepy Neolutionist man, Evie, and Cosima in the middle of a field. Creepy Neolutionist man seemed to show compassion to Kendall,and at first I thought it was an act. But what would be the purpose? Maybe he’s being blackmailed by Evie and is trying to protect his family. He even hinted that to Beth when he visited her at her apartment. Maybe there is more to this earmuff-wearing man.

But for now, my feels are all over the floor as he shoots Kendall and completely burned her body. Kendall and Cosima’s last goodbye was heartbreaking, but it was nothing in comparison on the feels scale to when I thought he was going to turn around and kill Cosima. No more buried gays, for now. If Evie has her way, all of Leda will die off and Bright Born will be Neolution’s tool to perfect humanity. Leda is “Beta Max” after all. And to throw more salt on Cosima’s wounds, she tells Cosima that Delphine was shot dead in a parking garage.

This episode leaves you feeling pretty grim and hopeless. But you have to wonder what the last four episodes have left for us. We still haven’t seen Delphine’s body. I’m convinced that Evie thinks that Delphine is dead, but she is very much still alive and in hiding. After all, the Orphan Black Twitter tweeted this:

And maybe, just maybe, earmuff-wearing Neolutionist guy got Kendall’s cigarette before shooting and incinerating her — giving us just enough DNA to find a cure for Cosima. How will the Sisters move on from this huge blow? Is Helena going to make an appearance and save the day? Will the ship U.S.S. Cophine sail again? Will I be right about anything on this show? Tune in to find out! 

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