Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

Human Raw Material focuses on Krystal, Cosima, and Sarah. We start off with Krystal kicking some ass and taking some names. It seems like she has been doing research on her own, and we’re left to wonder how much she actually knows about Neolution, Castor, Leda, and DYAD.


I’m glad we get to see Sarah and Kira together and happy. It’s definitely something that has been lacking this episode. Do you know what else has gone missing? Sarah’s chill. She is still convinced that not-the-singer Adele is not Felix’s sister, but a Neolution spy. She goes as far as “poaching DNA” from Felix and Adele so Scott can run a DNA tests. I’m all for Sarah being suspicious of new people coming into their lives, but she is handling it all wrong.


Instead of talking with Felix and Mrs. S. like a rational human being she sneaks around people’s backs and gets defensive very quickly. Felix has a throwaway line about the maggot-bot causing Sarah’s attitude, but I think he might have a point. This thing is potentially rewriting Sarah’s DNA — could it be possible that it’s making her more paranoid and edgy? We find out after Scott’s test that Adele is truly Felix’s half sister, and Sarah is thrown into remorse. I’m not entirely convinced that Adele is a truly harmless red herring, but for now it seems like that’s what they are trying to do. Or lull us into a false sense of security, which this show is very good at doing. If I had a dollar for every time I watched this show and thought “man, I should have seen that coming” my girlfriend and I could out for a couple of fancy dinners.

While this awkward family fun fest is going on Sarah is also simultaneously trying to get Kira to talk about her “dream” involving Sarah on fire. We really don’t any more information about that issue, but we learn that Kyra can “feel” like Sarah and the other clones. Cue the creepy kid music on stage left please. This show needs to tell me whether this kid is going to turn into an X-Man or something from a slasher movie. I’m voting for the former. *crosses fingers*

Allison can’t go with Donnie to the Bright Born orientation, so Cosima finally gets to leave the Rabbit Hole and is given more of a story than she has in the previous four episodes. She pretends to be Donnie’s and Felix’s surrogate to get into the Bright Born labs. I never knew I wanted Donnie/Cosima interaction, but now I want more of it.

And guess who is at the orientation? Our favorite creepers: Evie Cho, Susan Duncan, and the Castor clone. Oh, and Krystal shows up to do some snooping of her own. What could possibly go wrong?

We learn that Cho used to be a “girl in a bubble” until gene therapy trials. And that when she sees a flaw she wants to fix it. Not creepy at all. While Cosima goes creeping Donnie discovers that Krystal is at the orientation and delivers my favorite line of the episode: “I have to go… sh*t.” I love Donnie as a character because he is so resourceful yet so gracefully goofy at the same time.

Susan talks to Cosima about the science behind Bright Born and how they alter genes and the DNA of the embryos. Again, what could possibly go wrong? Especially since Cosima isn’t making the connection that Susan is the Susan Duncan. Instead Cosima goes creeping around some more while Donnie tries to figure out what Krystal is doing at Bright Born. Krystal knows there is a conspiracy, but she is way off the mark — or is she? Yes her theories are incorrect, but is that a cover for her to be able to move around these circles without being seen as a threat? I wouldn’t be surprised if Orphan Black pulled a fast one on us.

Cosima goes deeper into her creeping and finds that the pregnant women are basically being kept and treated as lab rats. The glamorous Bright Born is not all that glamorous. Not a huge surprise, but when Cosima gets called into a complicated birth, it’s only then we see the true horrors of what is going on. The gene and DNA manipulation has caused the baby to be severely deformed.

We have to get over the shock of the birth quickly because Susan Duncan reveals her identity to Cosima. And like the true super villain that Susan is she reveals her and Bright Born’s plan to Cosima.

We learn that Bright Born is doing non-consensual human trials to perfect the gene manipulation. Cosima is rightly disgusted at the trial and error experiments with human beings, and Susan uses it to her full advantage. Kendall is the key to Cosima’s cure, they both know it. Cosima has been the voice of ethics and morals and science in the past, but I truly don’t know whether she’ll give Kendall for the chance of self preservation.

Will we actually see Kendall in the next episode? Will we have to watch another gross pool make-out session? Is the creepy Neolutionist scientist going to drag Art, Donnie, and Alison under the bus? Is Helena going to make an epic return?

Tune in next week to find out!

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