Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

From Instinct to Rational Control starts off with Mika again! I love this clone so much. There is something about a person that flosses while constructing a very complicated bomb. I wouldn't imagine that there are many people in the middle of the Venn diagram of people who floss and people who build bombs, but Mika seems to fit that category. She's trying to find Ferdinand and is going deep to figure out how to put a face to the name. Why is Mika more interested in Ferdinand than Susan Duncan? As far as terrible people go Ferdinand is pretty terrible, but Susan is definitely worse. Well… we'll get back to that issue.


Ferdinand thinks that Susan Duncan would know how to get the bot out of Sarah's face. I'm not entirely sure she would, but it seems like Sarah's best option at the moment. Ferdinand wants Sarah's source and Rachel back. Mika wants to know Sarah's source for Susan Duncan. You can probably see where this will end up. But in the meantime we learn more about the gross bot from Dr. Leeky's face. Cosima reminds me that she is my favorite for more than her gayness when she drops one-liners like: "Who's the science now, bitch?" While hilarious, it also gives Cosima a change to experiment on the man who was so keen on experimenting on her and the Sisters. We find out that this bot is changing people’s DNA. But how, and why?


Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S. have a family meeting to resolve the issues from week. Like I said last week, if Sarah told Felix about the bot in her mouth he would have been more willing to drop Adele. Once again someone mistakes a different Sister for Beth, and this time it was the previously pregnant Neolution women that Beth met with. I was convinced that she was the person Beth had killed. Now I'm completely out of ideas. Which is what this show wants *shakes fist.* This woman tells Allison that she was a "carrier," which leads the gang to scope out an IVF clinic.

Donnie and Felix pretend to be a couple to go into the clinic. This scene is a perfect example of well this show gets queer issues. The representation could be a lot better, but when Donnie pretends to act gay Felix puts him in his place, telling Donnie that people all around him are gay that he isn't aware of. "The point is, you can't tell. So, don't act gay." *Slow claps for Felix.* Then there is a terribly awkward scene where Allison has to talk dirty to Donnie so he could deposit a "sample." I just can't. My girlfriend and I were just staring at each other, waiting for it to end.


We find out through Allison's newly pregnant friend that the clinic has a special program called "Bright Born," which I first heard as "bright orange," and then "bright worm." You need to enunciate, Sestras! This Neolutionist front / program not only helps you get pregnant, but it seems like it gives you the ability to have a super smart / strong child. Is that what the bot does? Is Kira one of these weird super-ability children? Why is this show so good at giving us more information and then leaving us in a pile of more secrets?

Of course, MK figures out that Ferdinand is Sarah's source, and it's only a matter of time before she lures him to Beth's apartment. Sarah is a few steps behind, but with the help of the bearded guy and creeping MK's trailer they find out that MK has been tracking Sarah to get to Ferdinand- and why MK was so intent on finding him.

Helsinki. MK was the sole survivor of the purge. After they revealed it, it seemed so obvious. Ferdinand was the reason that all of her friends and sisters were dead. Why all of their friends and family had to suffer and die. Ferdinand is sitting on a bomb and I was fairly sure that he was going to blow up. Instead, she pours gasoline all over him and steals $3.7 million from him. I find that much more fitting for revenge. Unfortunately, I don't think we are going to see MK for awhile, even though she knows where Rachel is. She doesn't trust Sarah for using Ferdinand as a necessary evil. I don't blame MK, but it seems like Sarah has pulled the short straw on this situation. There is a bug literally changing her DNA, I would partner up with some bad guys if I was her too. Is MK going to go after Susan Duncan alone?


Susan knows that Rachel has been sneaking out messages through Charlotte, and makes Rachel decide whether Charlotte should go untreated for science purposes or get treatment. Rachel picks the untreated course, which I really hope is a cover to get into Susan's good graces. I think Rachel is heinous and calculating, but I don't think she is entirely emotionless and unfeeling. I really hope she is playing the long game with Susan.


Why did Helena bury her eggs, and where is she going? We need Helena and MK to kick some major Neolution ass. Are those babies going to be super creepy like Kira? Is Sarah turning into a mutant? Tune in next week to find out!

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on May 9, 2016

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