Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!


The Stigmata of Progress episode starts off with Rachel (finally!), Charlotte, and a Castor clone. This Castor is checking up on Rachel’s eye and it’s reminding me that I really need to schedule an eye appointment. That is, until they start the pigment treatments. Needle + Eye = Amanda is never going to an eye doctor ever again.

Back at the rabbit hole, we learn that this bot has an attaching mechanism, is penetrating an artery, and has a non-organic core. Other than that we get a whole lot of nothing. I love that this show is so good at feeding the viewers information while still keeping us mostly in the dark. The more information we get, the less we seem to know. Just like the Leda sestras.

Kira is acting super weird. Like something out of The Shining or some other classic scary movie. Scary kids freak me out. This isn’t the first time Kira has shown signs of strangeness and it definitely won’t be the last.

Cosima needs more information about what’s in Sarah’s cheek. Who knew that accidentally killing Dr. Leekie would be so helpful now? Donnie and Allison debate about digging up Leekie, but of course Allison wins with “Donnie my sister has a robot maggot in her face.”

We get to meet Felix’s half sister Adele, who I don’t think can sing as well as the Adele. This story kind of seems random, unless Adele is more than she is letting on. This is Orphan Black, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some random clue into the bots or the Neolutionists or Paul. Felix mentioned something about his mom being dead and it definitely looked like Adele was holding something back. Tell me your secrets, drugged out Adele!

Sarah really needs to learn how to communicate better. I’m sure Felix would be more willing to drop Adele if she had said “Hey bro, I know that hanging out with your sister is super important, but I have this thing in my cheek and if we try to take it out it will kill me.” Felix is preoccupied, but he isn’t a jerk. This whole family needs some communication workshops or family therapy. Sarah also needs to learn to pick up her phone when no one knows where she is. Instead she finds the guy from the Neolution club with the gross video.

They really need to stop showing this gross video. Pointy objects in a person’s mouth is not my idea of a good time. We get it, it’s gross. I think the idea of how nasty it is has been driven home. Several times.

Back with Rachel and Charlotte, we learn that Charlotte was cloned from Rachel — making Charlotte her child, technically? I love to hate Rachel but my heartstrings definitely got pulled during that scene. My love-to-hate feelings have been completely transferred to Susan Duncan.

For some much-needed comic relief, we head back to Allison and Donnie digging up Leekie, who “smells like garbage juice.” There is also a sweet moment where Helena tells Sarah about the twins and how she doesn’t “want them to grow up like me.” My feels are about to burst when two homicide detectives come to at the door, investigating the murders of the three drug dealers Helena took care of in season 3.

Helena pretending to be Allison is one of my favorite cases of mistaken identity on the show. Allison sees her and Helena as complete opposites, but it’s very obvious that they have the most in common out of the all of the sisters. Helena is able to pull off a convincing Allison impression, and the detectives are off their backs, for now.

Creepy kid alert! Creepy kid alert! Back at the Rabbit Hole, Kira has weird drawings around her and is staring off into the distance. She tells Cosima that all of the aunties have to set Sarah on fire because Sarah is changing. Can this kid also see into the future? She already has super healing powers (for herself and possibly Cosima). Is it also possible that the second generation of clone DNA evolves into weird X-Men type abilities?

The weirdness gets broken up by Allison and Donnie digging up Leekie. This episode is really gross. I was going to originally watch it during dinner, but I’m glad that didn’t pan out — a decomposed body, sharp objects in mouths, needles in eyes. Nope, I’m good. My favorite line of this season so far comes from Allison and Donnie debating on whether to tell Cosima about Leekie’s murder: “She’s a scientist lesbian, she’s not going to let it slide.” Now someone is going to have to retrieve the bot from Dr. Leekie’s mouth to Cosima. I’m sure that will be an interesting part of next episode.

Art is helping Sarah put more pieces together when the creepy Neolutionist / union guy is traipsing around the police station again. I was convinced that he was the one that Beth killed, but I was obviously wrong. I have a second guess, but I want to see if Orphan Black is going to jump that far into the deep end.

Rachel and Charlotte work together to get a message out that Susan Duncan is alive, and we find out that Charlotte is sick, probably like Cosima. Don’t want to think about sick clone children. Nope. On to the next plot point.

I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, and I really didn’t appreciate the last part of this episode. Again, Sarah doesn’t answer her phone when it would have been super helpful, and she walks into the gay-friendly dentist office that does the maggot extractions completely alone without anyone knowing where she is. Sarah is mistaken for Beth and the overly helpful Leslie brings her into a trap. She tells Sarah that if she moves that the implant will release lethal dose of  tetrodotoxin and kill her. Luckily that wasn’t true, and luckily Rachel’s message got to Ferdinand, who proceeds to slash Leslie’s throat and save Sarah from the Neolutionists.

The episode ends with Susan Duncan solidifying her position as main villain of the season. The Neolutionists are not only trying to play with evolution, they are trying to control it and use it to create the perfect human being. I never got the Nazi parallelisms to Neolutionists before, but now I certainly do.

Will Sarah get the bot out of her mouth? Will Kira continue to be super creepy? Do we ever learn about what happened to Delphine? Tune it next week to find out!

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on May 3, 2016

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