Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

Warning: This review contains spoilers… Obviously. You have been warned!

Transgressive Border crossing starts off in the present, how I like it. Don’t get me wrong, I love some good old-fashion flashbacks- but I desperately want to know what’s going on with Sarah and the gang.

You would think that after all of the craziness that everyone has endured that Kendall and Mrs. S. would believe Sarah when she says that the Neolutionists are coming. It’s not like she’s cried wolf recently. When she says people are coming to get them or that something is wrong she is usually right! They only start to believe Sarah  when Kira says that ‘they’re coming’ like a creepy kid in a horror movie. Something is up with that kid, I just no it. She got ran down by are car and had minimal injuries. Tell me your secrets child!


Once they realize that they need to leave, Mrs S. burns it ALL DOWN. I just love how badass she is. As we look at the burning house in Iceland one last time we see Kira’s stuffed monkey burning with the rest of their lives. The idea of innocence and safety is gone once again. Nothing is pure as we head back to Canada.

It seems like everyone is back! Or most of the people are care about at the moment. Feliz, Allison, Cosima, and Donnie. We don’t see Rachel at all in this episode which is alright by me. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Rachel, but the lack of Cosima in the last epsiode made me had lesbian blinders on this time around.


Hello Wizard is probably my favorite code name ever. If I ever need a secret code name I hope it’s half as cool as Hello wizard. This guy has already one strike for me - what about Mrs. S and Sarah gives off the impression that they wouldn’t be interested in comics? Because they’re ladies - is that why Hello Wizard? He better not be a Neolutionist neck beard in disguise.

Mrs. S and Sarah head down “The Rabbit Hole” to their secret hideout and find Cosima! Just like it seemed in the first episode, Beth kept Allison and Cosima completely kept in the dark about the Neolutionists and Mika. Just like we’ve been. I seriously thought I had a handle on what was going on in this show. Orphan Black is fantastic at feeding you pieces of information to make you feel like you have the whole story. Then wham! More craziness ensues.

Sarah and Art head back to Beth’s flat and my heart starts to ache for Art. He’s probably one of the only guys on this show that tugs at my heart strings. He’s gone through much, and has done so much for the Leda group inspite of all of his unresolved feelings surrounding Beth.

The Allison/Felix friendship gives me so much life. There is something about their relationship that is so light and hilarious but also extremely believable. It seems like Felix is up to something while avoiding Sarah and Mrs. S. What’s going on with you Felix? Why does everyone on this show have so many secrets? My other male feels are reserved for Felix. There has been something going on that Allison knows about. Everyone on this show needs to tell me their secrets.


We head back to Beth’s flat and back to the past. It honestly took me a seond to realize we went back in time, and I was wondering why all of the food in the fridge wasn’t gross and didn’t stink. Then we saw the creepy union/Neolutionist guy and I was even more confused. Orphan Black, you need to give a sign when you’re headed back to the past. I’m too emotionally invested in this story to get thrown off and confused. This guy’s creep factor is off the charts. Is being related to Neolution automatically make you creepy?


Helena. Oh Helena and Donnie. Their friendship is also fantastic. And whoever writes her one liners needs an award. “I’m a little tired and many farts.” She is precious and needs to be protected at all costs.  She’s having twins! My feels! I’m not crying my keyboard just go wet….”

We head back again to the flat where Art and Sarah find Beth’s surveliance, and some of the pieces start coming together. “Back to the beginning of all this sh*t.” might as well be the summary of this season so far. I’m so happy that they are focusing on the ladies. The Caster story line was interested, but it was far less interesting than the dynamic between the sestras and how they come together or fall about in the face of adversity. Season 4 is about the sestras, as it should be.

When Donnie tells Allison about Helana’s twins, my heart truly breaks for her. Tatiana’s acting once again deserves all of the awards. This poor woman desperately once biological children and knows she can’t and has to take care of Helana who is not only pregnant, but is having twins.

And then my heart breaks for Cosima. My lesbian feels are once again all over the place. I was never a ‘Cophine’ shipper, but Cosima is sad I’m sad. I’m not convinced that’s Delphine is dead, but I wouldn’t be surprised either. We didn’t see her die, and keeping it a mystery from us seems silly if she’s actually dead.(I know there has been a lot of back lash against killing LGBT characters, but if Delphine is dead I don’t think it could be compared to what happened in The 100). Just give Cosima another love interest and I’ll be pleased. I’m easy like that. We also find out back at the Rabbit Hole that Kendall has Leukima. This show just loves to play with all of my emotions.

Back at the Neolution club (this episode sure bounces back and forth a lot) and Felix sneaks Sarah in. Sarah is creeping around the club and Felix is looking angsty and hanging at the bar. I’m glad that Felix is looking for his birth family and that he’s not secretly working for DYAD or something. I really don’t get why Sarah is thrown off by his quest. Sarah is related to Kira, Mrs. S, and Kendall- it makes sense that Felix feels like the black sheep.

We get a case of mistaken identity when someone at the club mistakes Sarah for Mika. We find out slightly more information by seeing another gross check worm video. It’s insanely nasty and we don’t need to see anymore of it. I get it, something is growing inside of the cheek and they cut it out. No need for replays. We learn that while they are cutting the maget bot out that it kills the host. Which definitely complicates things. Is that the same type of maget bot that Nealon grossly bit out of his cheeky while attacking Delphine? And if it is why didn’t it kill him. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS YOU CREEPY NEOLUTIONISTS.

There is also a throw away line about that pregant neolutionist and how it was six months ago. Are you telling me that the past three seasons have occured in 6 months? That is one crazy half year.

The interaction between Sarah breaks my heart for the millionith time this episode. Whatever Mika shared with Beth was the finale straw before Beth commits suicide. Mika doesn’t want to repeat her mistakes or lose another person. The laundromat is covered in all of my tears and confusion. Who did Beth kill? The creepy union/scirentist guy? The pregant neolutionist? Why???

And the creepy EMT Neolutionists are back and I was pretty sure the episode was going to end there. Nope, the episode ends with us finding out that Sarah has one of those bot things in her cheek. How did it get there? Why is there no scar? How did the EMTs know it was Sarah and not Mika? Do the other clones have the bug too? Why does no one take Sarah seriously until it’s obvious to do so?


We probably won’t find out this Thursday, but tune in to find out!


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