Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E6

Welcome to the six installment of Clone Catch-Up. This week Krystal is back, so like, time to buckle up.


In "Manacled Slim Wrists" some serious truth was dealt. Do you think we were going to get more answers about Kira? Come on, do you know what show you're watching? I'm talking about Krystal and her ability to stumble into super important Neolution information. Her and her friend Bree have a beauty channel on YouTube, and when they tried a DIY beauty tip Bree's hair falls out. So what does Krystal do? Call Art of course. She brings Bree with her to meet Scott and Art and the comic book store. Through talking with Sarah and Siobhan, they find out that Dyad bought a cosmetics company of a guy Krystal has made contact with.

The best part about that? The CEO was played by Tatiana Maslany's boyfriend, so it was extra hilarious with Krystal kicked him in the balls. After discovering that Dyad was interested in the company because of an experimental cream that has a dermal delivery system. For what? We can only guess, but it was hilarious to see Krystal knock this dude down and rub the cream all over this face. Especially when we had Sarah and Art's reaction from the car outside.

PT faker is having none of Rachel's corporate buy ups, so he has Rachel go and fetch Kira for an overnight visit to Dyad. Speaking of this asshole, we learn that he's harvesting blood of young children to stay healthy. What. A. Creeper. Susan has evidence of his age which comes in handy when Cosima and Charlotte escape the island, which Ira gives her after springing her free. Because the villagers try to stop Cosima and take the cure but she luckily was like, "look dumb-dumbs we all got screwed by this guy, maybe you shouldn't destroy my cure, thanks."

Poor Susan doesn't make it out after trying to kill PT and Virginia showing back up. Thanks Mud, way to ruin that. I was genuinely surprised that they killed Susan off, but I guess it makes sense since PT faker is probably going to go do some crazy science now that the villagers know what's up. And Ira is glitchy so is he going to go all crazy on the island while Revival is burning? One can only hope.

Tune in next time to see how this roller coaster is going to end with only four episodes left!

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on July 17, 2017

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