Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E5

Welcome to the fifth installment of Clone Catch-Up. This week I got to watch the episode I've been waiting for. So time to buckle up.


In "Ease for Idle Millionares" we get the flat out, blatant political commentary that I've been craving from this show for several seasons. Don't get me wrong, Orphan Black has never strayed away from addressing reproductive issues while telling the sestras' story. But this episode felt cathartic and poignant in a way that was sorely needed from a show that kept addressing these issues.

This episode focuses mainly on the island, and for good reason. Cosima has decided she has done taken shit and is ready to kick ass and take names. Delphine and Rachel are back and meet with Susan and PT Westmoreland. We learn that the wacky science still continues. The reunion of Rachel and Susan went super well, and by super well I mean that Rachel is as heinous as ever.

Cosima keeps poking around about the "bear" in the woods and what the Neos are up to. She figures they’ve isolated a gene mutation in Kira. Kira’s healing abilities are related to a mutation of that supposed Lin28A miracle gene. So she's actually a member of the X-Men. I was right about something!

PT invites Delphine to dinner, and Cosima earns her spot at dinner by letting the Neos know about the special gene. Westmoreland is especially Victorian and wants Delphine and Cosima to dress up for him, but "frock that." Can I talk about how amazing Cosima looked in that tux. Because girl looked fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Which is great because we were rudely interrupted by PT being a douche nozzle. Like I know he's a crazy scientist dude but come on. Also I realized that at this table, Cosima was responsible for stabbing Rachel in the eye. And Rachel stabbed Susan. What a stabby family. Cosima also learns that Neos want to harvest Kira's eggs to see if the healing gene is heredity.

So the bear in the woods is actually their first Lin-23 experiment gone wrong, a Latvian immigrant Yannis. And of course he gets in the house and Cosima goes to investigate. She's confronted by PT and she confronts him about how he's not actually 170 and he's a giant piece of shit. The only reason why he's doing all of this mad science is because he's dying and he has a giant ego.

To summarize, all of the terrible things that happened in this show was because a (really) old white dude didn't want to die. Women were sterilized, infected with disease, and a child is potentially going to get her eggs stolen because this dude is garbage. Unfortunately after Westmoreland hands Cosima a gun she doesn't kill that asshole and ends up getting locked up in the cage after PT shoots Yannis in the head.

I need that asshole to die. I also need Ferdinand to die. Why won't these shitty dudes die already?

And who is Siobhan's Neo contact? What is Delphine going to do in Switzerland? Is Kira going to betray the sestras and be an asshole teenager?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on July 10, 2017

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