Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E4

Welcome to the fourth installment of Clone Catch-Up. This week I'm a little emotionally drained from the Doctor Who finale, but I'm up to the task. So time to buckle up.


In "Let the Children and Childbearers Toil," we're reminded about how awesome Susan Duncan is. Yes, she's alive, you knew they wouldn't get rid of her that easily. As if Rachel stabbing her was going to put that woman down. Susan is reunited with PT and they were possible former lovers who did sweet science together? And Ira gets to the island, so there is some weird jealousy/tension going on there. We learn that the former head of Castor, Virginia, is not dead and was put in a mental facility under an alias. And PT thinks that she's dead. Susan explains to Ira that she wants to follow the science as much as PT and Virginia do, but not their methods.

So she's saying that she won't forcibly sterilize women for science, but everything else seems to be okay. Cool.

Through I'm assuming her contact with Delphine, Siobhan learns about a Dr. Perkins who is going to the mental institution where we find Virginia. It was definitely enjoyable to watch Siobhan take on a new identity. Sarah was entirely thrilled with leaving Kira, cause that kid sliced her arm to see how fast she would heal. Before they get to the hospital, Sarah talks to Helena about the connection that all of the sestras have as well as Kira. Hopefully when Sarah gets back she'll talk to Kira about it and that kid can calm down.

Kira is staying with Felix when his sister arrives on his door step. Siobhan called her because apparently she got debarred for embezzlement, not drinking to much. Go figure. So Adele and Felix are going to Switzerland to follow the money.

Also on the island, Charlotte and her friend notice that one of the pigs is missing. As Charlotte goes to find the pig (which I thought was a possibly unintentional hilarious literary reference), she discovers a human tooth and shows Delphine. Mud seems to know what's going on, and who is in the woods, but is not letting Cosima in on the secret. So Cosima goes creeping and finds a super creepy dungeon that you would find in a horror video game. Obviously PT, Virginia, and probably Susan were trying to create something and ended up with a super violent dude that hangs out in the woods. Didn't this happen in Resident Evil?

Will Felix and Adele get to the bottom of the money trail? Will Siobhan single handedly bring down Neolution? Will Kira ever start the X-Men?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on July 3, 2017

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