Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E09

Welcome to the ninth and NEXT TO LAST installment of Clone Catch-Up. How is there only one episode left of this series? My little heart can't take it. Time to buckle up.


In "One Fettered Slave" we are mourning Mrs. S. and the sestras learn that the few Neos left captured Helena to save fake PT. Like, I'm still really sad about S. dying. I'm glad she took that asshole down with her, but still. There was only a couple more episodes left, she could have made it. But I understand, even though I want to punch Ferdinand from beyond the grave.

We also get to see more of Helena's time at the convent and how she gets mixed up with the Proletheans. Turns out she steals chocolates and accidentally is caught watching a nun masturbate. Now that's a sentence I never thought I would type. The nun is hella made and dumps her head in bleach, giving us her iconic blond hair. She's locked in a confessional until Tomas, our favorite Prolethean takes her away and brainwashes her to kill other clones.

The Neos are keeping Helena right next to Dyad, the bastards. Fake PT and Virginia Coady are also there. PT wants to perform a C-section on Helena because he's extra dying and apparently can be more of an asshole. Art and Felix manage to find the Neo board room via Rachel's help and captures the last living board member (minus Rachel). In the meantime fake PT tells Virginia to kill Mark, the last Castor, and she obliges. As frustrating as that decision was to watch, it makes sense. In our shows we desperately want some redemption for awful people, because we don't want to believe people suck 100% of the time. But some people don't want redemption.

Sarah comes in pretending to be Rachel to "give" herself up. In the meantime Helena stabs herself with the scissors which was very gross and nerve wracking. There is only one episode left do not kill Helena Orphan Black! When Sarah is in front of fake PT as Rachel PT is even grosser than I thought possible. He tries to shame "Rachel" for writing letters to her dead dad and masturbating in the shower. Again, that's another sentence I didn't think I would write. What an asshole. He soon sees through Sarah's facade and she gets to slice him in the neck. The Neos are gonna kill her, but they need Sarah's blood to save Helena.

The end of this episode might be one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Helena fakes contractions and asks Coady to grab her some water. Looking at Sarah knowingly, she proceeds to down the water, and then bash Coady's face into the hospital bed rail. I'm going to be honest with you, I cheered. Sweet, sweet vindication. But as they try to leave and escape Helena's water breaks. Of course, it's never easy for the sestras.

Will the sestras have to take Dyad over to save Helena and her babies? Where is Delphine? Are the queer ladies going to survive this series?

Tune in next week, one last time, to find out!

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on August 7, 2017

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