Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E07

Welcome to the seven installment of Clone Catch-Up. With only a few episodes left shit is getting intense, so time to buckle up.


In "Gag or Throttle" things are definitely heating up. We learn that the boat Cosima and Charlotte took is floating around somewhere. But do not fret! They made it ashore and let the boat lead DYAD on a goose chase. They also have the cure with them. Cosima and Scott are finally reunited, which is super adorable. The gang work on figuring out who PT Westmoreland actually is, so they can use the information against him and DYAD to get Kira back.

Kira is playing a game of her own. She gives Rachel a friendship bracelet and plays the "hey didn't you hate being tested like a lab rat too" game. And it works very well. She also is finally able to call Sarah and tell her about the "mouse and elephant." AKA PT wanting Kira at the island for some terrible reason. Probably to steal her blood. Seriously this guy needs to experience a fiery death.

On a much lighter note Allison is back with short purple hair and a tattoo. She also wants to live in the moment, get rid of her crafts, and start playing music. I have no idea what this has to do with the story as a whole, but I absolutely adore it. This episode is intense AF, and it was great to see it broken up with some Allison and Donnie awesomeness.

Back on the island we learn that Ira is now also dead. RIP I really liked that dude. Virginia had brought back Mark, and in exchange for a "cure" (we know that shit ain't real), Mark will give up Helena's location. We even see Gracie enter Helena's room at the nunnery. I really hope that Mark's and Gracie's end game doesn't actually involve giving up Helena. Besides, even if does I'm sure Helena will kick everyone's ass. At least I hope so. I can't deal with the thought of the show killing the babies or Helena. So I'm not going to.

Rachel seems to be playing Neolution's game. She lets Virginia examine her and let's PT push her around. Or so it seems. We also see flashbacks of her and Dr. Leekie, which actually made me miss him? Just a little. And we also see some flashbacks where she allegedly gets her emancipation and isn't owned by Dyad anymore. I say allegedly because after her examination she sees that she's still being referred to by her clone identification number. You're saying that Neolution, PT, and Dyad are a bunch of dirty liars. This is my shocked face. She also learns that her eye implant is actually a camera, and lets PT spy on her all of the time.

Which is beyond creepy, obviously. So Rachel is sent back to Dyad to get Kira's eggs and get her to the island. When she started drinking I knew that lady had a plan. The whole time I was like, Rachel, come on just take out your eye. I know this is where it's going. I waited with anticipation. Until it actually happened. That was beyond disgusting. Using broken glass. shudders I didn't look at it because I'm squeamish but it sounded awful. Even PT made a gross face. Luckily before this, Rachel was able to concoct a plan with involving an eye patch to help Sarah, Art, and Siobhan break Kira out of Dyad. She was also able to send the true identity of PT to the board before she did it. At least she has good priorities?

How is the gang going to stop PT from starting a new generation of clones? Will it involve blowing up Dyad? How the hell are there only three episodes left!?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on July 24, 2017

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