Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E03

Welcome to the third installment of Clone Catch-Up. This week gives us some vindication for Allison. And of course more questions. So time to buckle up.


In "Beneath Her Heart" we get a deeper look into Allison's past as she was learning about being a clone. I like the flashbacks, because it really shows the dichotomy of them coming together at the beginning and starting to go their separate ways now. Throughout the episode, Allison is constantly being degraded for her "lack" of skill and what she can bring to the table. I know that the Neo guys are assholes, but it's a little much.

After spending several seasons to study Kira, Rachel decided that it would be even better if she could get a hold of Helena and her babies. Like, I understand wanting to follow the science and all. But you just got this kid, and the best you can do is give her a pet rat? Also why does a child have a switch blade? Is she going to try to test the healing powers of herself and/or the rat? I really don't want to see that. That kid has gone from cute to creepy in three episodes. Even at their memorial for MK that kid was giving me the creeps.

In order to get the information, Rachel has her Neo pals and Art search the Hendrix's home for evidence, or leverage over them. All of this is going on while Allison and Donnie are attending the church fair. Allison has to confront many of her demons, including her addiction. Unfortunately she relapses, and accidentally feeds Donnie half a bottle of Lorazepam mixed with ice tea. Luckily, before that Donnie called Sarah and Felix and their on the move to help them out. What made this episode great was that it was so beautifully and painfully human. In a show about clones, that's pretty difficult to do.

I really want to talk about how much I love Allison and Donnie's love. They are far from perfect, but they have each other's backs completely. Including keeping Helena's secret safe, and Donnie letting Allison go off on her one. After of course an adorable rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Seriously those two are precious.

Before this moment, Allison shows her bad ass side. She decides to take matters into her own hands. While Neo is digging in her garage, getting closer to the bodies, she goes to visit Rachel. There have been so many clone interactions I was genuinely surprised that they had never met before. Rachel of course talks down to Allison, but no matter. She drops a bag with Dr. Leekie's head on her desk in a purse, calling her bluff. If Rachel uses her Neo cops, an investigation would obviously lead to her and DYAD. And her new BFF PT wouldn't like that. So Art and the others were called off.

And we find out that Helena is back in the convent in Ukraine. It really seems like the sestras are splitting up! Where is Allison going to end up? Shouldn't DYAD already have tried to look for Helena in Ukraine? Is Kira going to get any less creepy?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on June 26, 2017

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