Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E02

Welcome to the second installment of Clone Catch-Up. This week gives us some answers, and of course more questions. So time to buckle up.


In "The Clutch of Greed" Sarah wakes up in a dark and creepy cell. She has visions of Kira again, and I really want to know what's going on with that. Do the children of a clone have psychic abilities? Is this how the X-Men come to be? SOMEONE GIVE ME ANSWERS.

Rachel wants to let Sarah go in exchange to study Kira and her genetics to see if she's going to be Jean Grey or something. Siobhan and Sarah are not having that of course, not that anyone is asking Kira about it. Which they totally should have. So you know, most of this episode could have been avoided. Speaking of Kira, that kid has aged since the beginning of the show. My fiancé and I are pretty sure she's 25, but we tend to be terrible with ages.

Allison is brought home with Art and the Neolution gang to see if Donnie and Helena come home. Of course they don't, and we find out that Helena's babies also have mutant powers and they healed themselves. And in true Helena fashion, she ends up stabbing a doctor in the cheek with a needle. Helena tells Donnie where she's going to go, but apparently Sarah is the only one who can know.

We finally get to meet good ole P.T. Westmoreland. Cosima gets invited into the house, and I was 100% sure that PT was going to be Kira's dad. Well, this gal was 1000% wrong. Because he was just some super old dude that was BFFs with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. PT wants Cosima to be totally cured and do more of her science things, but Cosima is definitely not drinking the Kool Aid, and has "no intention of becoming your collection." Have I mentioned how much I love her?

Sarah, Siobhan, Felix, and Scott devise a plan for Sarah to dress up as Rachel to get Kira out of school and run away. I genuinely love when Tatiana acts like one clone pretending like another. The level of acting is off the charts. So is when she has to be face to face with another clone. Another technical highlight of the episode is when Sarah goes back to Felix's loft to save MK and they switched clothes.

That's the only good thing about that scene, because Ferdinand shows up and is a first-class asshole. I wanted this dude to be killed off for a couple of seasons. Now I need it desperately. The way he killed MK was so disgusting and nasty. I really think MK deserved better as a character. The one good thing Rachel did was kick his terrible ass to the curb. The worst part of it was that Kira wanted to go to DYAD to figure out why she's a mutant. I don't blame her, but I wish someone would have asked before MK died.

The episode ends with Siobhan answering the door like a badass to find Delphine on the other side. I definitely did not see that coming at all. Delphine needs to tell her something that Sarah can't know and of course I'm intrigued. Tell me all of your secrets you beautiful French scientist!

Will Cosima be totally cured? Where has Helena gone off to? Will Kira open a school for School for Gifted Youngsters? Is PT Sherlock Holmes? Will I be right about any of my theories?

Tune in next week to find out!

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on June 19, 2017

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