Clone Catch-Up: Orphan Black S05E01

Welcome back to Clone Catch-Up, where I try to recap Orphan Black without thoroughly confusing myself. In "The Few Who Dare," we jump back into the thick of it.


We find Sara on the beach, struggling to connect with Felix to figure out what happened to Kira and Siobhan. All while she's bleeding out from the stab wound from the season 4 finale. She must have watched Survivor Man, because she was able to start a fire and use a tampon for its original use. Plugging a wound FTW. She also fought off a weird feral man-animal, which will hopefully be explained soon. Sara also overhears about Revival, and she tries to hobble her way to save Cosima.

Speaking of Revival, what a crazy little town. Half hippie, half creepy cult. Everyone is there to work to perfect the human genome. Sounds interesting in theory, kind of super creepy in practice. Even Charlotte picks up on the creepiness. Though it wouldn't be too hard to figure out with their weird Neolution school. In a book she receives, it says: "We are all Revival's children, chosen for a brighter future. Where our frail bodies become so much stronger, and death and aging haunt us no longer."


Everyone there is also real pumped about P.T. Westmoreland, who apparently is around 170 years old. I was hoping that we would get to meet this strange guy. Is he actually that old? Is it a facade like The Wizard in Oz? Is he one of many Westmorelands, like the Dread Pirate Roberts? I have no idea. My guess is usually wrong, so you shouldn't ask me.

Once Sara gets to Revival, she tries to get Cosima to come with her, but Cosima wants to stay and figure out what's going with all of the "crazy science" that Delphine told her about. Delphine also gets sent away, but hopefully she's not gone for long. This lady needs all of the lesbian content she can get. Delphine leaves Cosima the cure, which needs to be injected into her uterus. I don't have an issue with needles but even that was a bit much. Rachel stepped in to perform the procedure for some reason. Was it actually the cure? Does she really want all of the sestras on the same side? Rachel also captured Sara as she was trying to escape. So we have three clones on the island.

The opening of season 5 also learn that everyone is involved with Neolution in some way. Including Art's new partner. Who has Allison kidnapped and brought to Art. Unfortunately, as Helena is defending Donnie from Neolution dudes, she is stabbed in the stomach, paralleling the cure given to Cosima. Those babies really need to be OK. THOSE BABIES NEED TO BE OK.

How is Kira able to link with her mom to help avoid death and terrible situations? Will we find out why Rachel wants to restart cloning? Will we ever meet Westmoreland? Are those babies going to be OK?!

Tune in next week to find out!

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on June 12, 2017

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