10 Fictional Characters Who Endorse Nazi Punching

It's no surprise that many of our fictional heroes (and sometimes villains) have a history of beating up Nazis. Since, you know, they are the worst of the worst. They represent the ultimate evil of humanity, trying to destroy our very existence. In light of the ridiculous debate about whether it's OK to punch a Nazi (Geeks OUT's official policy: it's always OK), here's our list of 10 fictional characters who would give you Nazi-punching approval. They probably would join in on the punch fest too.

1. Indiana Jones

2. Captain America

3. Wonder Woman

4. Rory (Doctor Who)

5. Hellboy

6. The Human Torch

7. Rafael (TMNT)

8. Superman

9. Magneto

10. Spitfire

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on January 31, 2017

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